1. Company Name, Profile, Work Culture:Toolbox Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd. Toolbox isVFX and AV Production Company in India, Toolbox Studio is specialized in video production verticals with our in-house professionals having 15+ years of local and international...


Company Name, Profile, Work Culture: Toolbox Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd. Toolbox Studio is a media organization in India, specialized in Visual Effects &  Animation ,  TV Commercials , Motion Graphics and  Corporate Video Production . We are designed...

Motion Graphics Artist/Sr. Artist

1. Industry: VFX/Animation Studio2. Point of Contact for CV’s / Email ID: Priyanka – 3. Number of Vacancies: 4 4. Functional Area: Motion Graphics 5. Job Title / Designation: Motion Graphics Artist / Senior Artist 6. Job Description:To...
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Toolbox Studio
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