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2D AnimationIt is not possible to speak of the role that animation plays in video production these days and not speak of 2D animation. It is with classic 2D animation that it all began and has today evolved to the cutting edge CGI that we see on screen. Even a child watching one of the older cartoon series is aware of the fact that it more than just a series of images. These pictures constitute what are called frames that are played as a continuous reel to create an illusion of motion. And these frames are created in a two dimensional space allowing our imagination to fill in the rest.

This makes 2D animation an effective way to bring ideas to life and communicate feelings through storytelling. The combination of these visuals with the story makes it extremely engaging. As a 2D animation studio, Toolbox undertakes every style of animation where we start from the very beginning of pre-production with storyboard, character design which is then exported to any style of 2D animation that our clients require. This is decided on basis of the message that is required to be relayed. We have wealth of experience and talented team of illustrators, animators, designers and compositors to produce variety of animated work in what many would say is an unbelievably quick turnaround time. This ability to provide end to end solution in remarkable time and quality places us among the best 2D animation studios in India.

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