2D Character Animation Services

Toolbox Studio delivers 2D character animation services to advertising companies, filmmakers, and businesses that require animated marketing content.


The advent of the internet and digital space has opened new avenues for sharing content and advertising products. However, there is a lot of clutter on the internet that brand messages can get lost in, unless your content stands out. 2D character animation helps you do just that.

Why should you invest in 2D character animation?

2D character animation provides a light-hearted and enchanting alternative to a straight-laced live action. Here are some of the many reasons why the use of 2D character animation is increasing across the corporate space and in brand communications:

  • 2D character animation is great on the eye
  • The character gives viewers a reference point that they can relate to
  • Abstract concepts and difficult technical theories can be explained easily
  • 2D character animation is cost-effective alternative to live action videos


How Toolbox Studio can help with 2D character animation

There are a lot of subtleties that go into developing successful 2D characters. Everything – from movement of the joints to reacting to objects in the characters’ environments to the shape of the mouth and lips while delivering dialogue – needs to be absolutely spot on to draw the viewers in and keep them engaged.

As one of India’s foremost animation production companies, we use our prodigious experience accumulated from the many years we have spent in this industry to provide our clients with professional visual solutions. Take a look at our animation portfolio to see what we are capable of.

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