Animation for E-Learning

The explosion of the internet has seen newer, more innovate ways to spread education and share knowledge. This idea has solidified into e-learning portals that provide training and instruction through the means of electronic communications.

E-learning animation is an extremely popular means of explaining concepts and lessons, as the audio-visual medium is known to be one that grabs attention the most and helps with content retention the best.



The modern learner has very little time and patience for traditional forms of learning and hence, a vast majority of businesses (and educational institutes) prefer e-learning.

E-learning animation companies use various styles of animation to convey educational messages. This includes the simplest forms such as whiteboards and 2D animation to make the lessons more interesting and engaging, and 3D animation to help provide context in terms of the most complex and technical lessons that involve detailed and magnified views of complex mechanical and scientific concepts.

The popularity of e-learning is only growing, as the following statistics show:

  • The 2022 forecast for the value of the e-learning market is expected to cross $243 billion globally
  • 65% of faculty supports the use of open educational resources (OERs) in teaching
  • 56% of students worldwide wanted their instructors to enable them to use their laptop more in a learning context
  • The Learning Management System (LMS) market is predicted to reach $240 billion by 2023
  • 67% of organizations now offer mobile learning in some form.


How do animation and e-learning come together?


Animation contributes greatly to the cause of e-learning. Younger minds in particular tend to easily wander, and video has the ability to grab and hold the attention of the viewer, regardless of age group or any other demographic variable. This is because, as a Forrester study has shown, just one minute of video content is worth a staggering 1.8 million words!

What does Toolbox Studio add to the e-learning animation space?


At Toolbox Studio, we have recognized the potential of animation in e-learning. Our team of animators, modelers, writers and artists will not only create content to the exacting requirements of our e-learning clients, but also provide insights into how sound, visuals, and graphics can be used to create engaging and informative e-learning animation content.

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