Compositing is the final step that is taken towards the making of the video. This is nothing but combining visual pieces or elements from different sources into one final image. The basic principal remains the same today, whether we approach it in a traditional manner or through digital image manipulation. During the shoot, a lot of work is done on blue or green screen also known as the chroma key. Once the shoot is done, certain portions of the screen are replaced with images utilizing a software that gives it the final image the feel of having been captured from one source. This method is applicable in various industries now. Any production from weather reports, sitcoms, commercials, corporate videos and movies now apply this with the use of visual graphics.

For us at Toolbox Studio as a 2D and 3D compositing studio in Pune, compositing is about simplifying these complex visuals ideated by a director’s creative vision. And then to deliverable these on time with breath taking quality that is a treat to see. It is with this focus that we have put together a team that has mastered the art of compositing which in turn delivers more value to the clients. With dedicated resources and team of visual effects artist we specialize in 2d, 3D and stereo compositing which includes

  • Green screen compositing
  • Motion graphic design
  • Set extension
  • Beauty enhancement
  • Paint
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