3D modelling is creating a virtual or a physical 3D replica of a three dimensional object depending on the requirement. And, you need it at the very first stage of pre-visualization. Pre-visualization is when we dive into the script and story boarding with the director to figure out all the details that need to be worked out. It is from this very stage that we begin to calculate the scope of work along with working on solutions to that will ensure speedy delivery.

This process is used to create better understanding of the different aspects of the props that will have to be used in the shot. This renders the process a great deal of importance in ensuring that the production sets are set up right. We create 3D models that are instrumental towards understanding the production timeline and sometimes even on the sets during production. This is why the director’s idea turning into a visual depends upon this step a great deal. We also ensure that the technical details that need to be watched out for onset are also communicated. It takes a team of highly skilled and creative people to get all this done in time and well. And, that is exactly what we have.

Our vast experience, brilliant team when combined with the high quality standards in delivery is reason why Toolbox studios is one of the best 3D asset modelling studios in India today.

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