Matte painting

A matte painting is visual representation of any given place, real or imagined that is too expensive to recreate or far away to visit. Some movies are set in the future and such a scene might not even exist in our world today. Some simply don’t have the budget to shoot months at a foreign location. In such situations, it essential to create realistic backdrop for films. Digital matte painting helps do just that.

Back in the days, talented artists would paint on large sheets of glass that looked realistic so the blank areas could be filled with live actions. At that time, sketching and painting really well was a must have skill to get into this field of work. As time passed, computers came into play and so did many solutions to create these matte paintings digitally. This partially removed the necessity for one to able to paint to be in this field to quite an extent. And, it also decreased the time needed for output by a lot. But this area of work in VFX still requires a huge amount of imagination and creativity.

Toolbox as a matte painting studio has created breath taking matte paintings for lot of film projects. Combining the power of technology with a great team of artists who are the best in the field allows us to deliver at every turn for every client.

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