Pre-visualization also known as pre-rendering or preview is a way to visualise the different scenes and flow of the movie before it is made. It is applied to the story boarding by either sketching (which is old school) or digitally in conceptualising what the movie scenery will look like. This allows for creating an image of the final output may look like. This makes space for the modifications and changes that can alter the final image avoiding additional financial costs as far as possible.


We at Toolbox call ourselves one of the few pre visualization studios in Pune, India because we are among the few who understand the importance of this step. Our combined experience as animators, VFX artist, writers, producers and filmmaker, enables us to consult on every aspect of the pre-visualization process. In both live action and animation, Toolbox studio’s team understands the full spectrum of what it takes to make a feature film, largely because of our in-house animation and live action endeavours. We know the in and out of camera and lens selection, how lighting affects storytelling, what mis-en-scene is. We also understand our role in production process, and significance of what it means to direction. Our job is to interpret the director’s vision as quickly and precisely as possible. And in the last 9 years, we have made a name for doing it better than most!

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