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We have skilled and dedicated 2D environment artists at Toolbox Studio that can produce magnificent landscapes, solid-surface backgrounds, and captivating locations for any entertainment project.

Any message you are trying to tell will be perfectly complemented by our artwork, leaving behind a lasting impression.

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Why Should You Hire Toolbox for 2D Environment Design?

Your business idea will be taken to the next level by our team of expert artists, who will also add to the overall worth of the finished product.
While taking into account both style and quality standards, transparent project management and well-organized procedures aid in meeting set deadlines while staying within the allocated budget and range of requirements.

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Experince the Best with Our 2D Environment Design Service

Any planets, dimensions, or sceneries from your imagination can become reality with our help. To ensure that the client's requests are as accurately fulfilled as possible, our skilled environment artists employ a range of techniques.

With the best hardware and software the market has to offer, our artists are well equipped. The results they get are even more amazing! They can create animation, character models, and other asset types in addition to more conventional kinds of 2D game environment design, carrying out a wide range of technical tasks related to 2D content.

Collaborate with Us for Superior 2D Environment Design

We concentrate on offering environment art services to develop projects that stand out and stick in people's minds for a very long period. Due to the extensive experience of our 2D environment painters, we are able to assist international gaming businesses with their most well-known game titles.

FAQs on 2D Environment Design Services

  • It is a two-dimensional composition made up of natural components like mountains, sky, landscapes, and other things, as well as building surfaces like walls, corners, ceilings, etc.

    Raster and vector graphics are the two methods for producing digital images for 2D environment design. While 2D concept designers may readily alter raster images since they are based on pixel grids, vector graphics are made out of mathematical forms, curves, and lines.

    The fundamental components of 2D environment design are the composition, schemas, lights, colours, silhouettes, points of interest, and footprints.

  • It takes a lot less time to outsource 2D environment art with us than it does to hire staff. For your project, we already have qualified and skilled professionals who can work on your project immediately. This is a sizable group of specialists with unmatched and proven skills. A more affordable alternative to hiring from most labour markets is outsourcing, which we also believe our price to be extremely competitive.

  • There are five basic phases in creating a 2D environment: concept generation, research, research, thumbnail sketches, key object design, and backdrop and setting refinement. So let's go through each one in detail:

    Generating ideas: At this point, a group of 2D environment artists gathers concepts and visual references for backdrops and sets. Then, they define a high concept, which is a succinct written passage that expresses a distinct notion of environment design.

    Carrying out research: After 2D experts have clarified the notion, the procedure of gathering references begins. Its main objective is to collect concepts for gaming backdrops, examine them, and create a one-of-a-kind artwork.

    Making thumbnail sketches: It's a technique for creating objects while conducting study and using photographs as references. Thumbnails assist 2D concept artists in choosing the best thing for the environment background by allowing them to compare and contrast a variety of objects in a generalised way.

    Creating things: It is a 2D visual art method that entails colouring, layering, and compositing. The scenery and settings for a game plot are made by 2D artists taking into account all these elements.

    Backgrounds being refined: 2D artists begin to add details to a drawing once the main environment settings are complete. Multiple silhouettes can be adjusted throughout this stage in order to get a successful design.

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