7 Ways Explainer Videos Can Help Educational Institutes to Achieve Better Results

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August 28, 2019
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7 Ways Explainer Videos Can Help Educational Institutes to Achieve Better Results


They say that change is the only constant in life – and the way the education sector has evolved over the last several decades pays testimony to that quote. The methods of delivering training, the modes of learning, the way classroom teaching has transformed, the use of mediums other than traditional textbooks, and the shortening attention spans of the younger generations have all contributed towards certain changes in the way education is perceived and carried out in schools, colleges, training centers and even private coaching classes.

However, unlike most other fields of work and walks of life, education has been relatively slower in terms of acknowledging, accepting and incorporating new technology and novel methods of communication. That is not to say that the field has been left behind. No, the world of education has gone from strength to strength, capitalizing on novel means of delivering training and promoting educational setups by using various techniques.


One such unarguably effective technique is the usage of educational videos – explainer videos, in particular. And one just cannot deny or underestimate the importance benefits of videos in education. While you might see a lot of colleges investing in making different types of educational videos, stylish ad films and virtual tour videos, explainer videos for educational institutes is still a comparatively unexplored and underrated means of communication.

How can animated explainer videos be used for education?

Explainer videos are not only a wonderful way to put forth a concept, message or idea, but they also tend to leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Here are seven ways in which different types explainer videos can help educational institutions up their game and get better results (along with reasons):

1. Engagement

It can’t be denied that the audio-visual form of communication is rather captivating and can engage the receiver better than traditional forms of communication, including text-based learning. In the education space, institutes can really get their target audience hooked on to the message they are trying to deliver through a well-crafted explainer video.

2. Conceptual Clarity

So, how do explainer videos help students learn better? Some subjects, topics and concepts require trainers or professors to simplify and break them down so that it is easy for new learners to understand and absorb. Explainer videos enable this by simplifying complex topics and presenting them in an easy-to-grasp format, which makes the learning process much more effective.

3. Participation

The advantages of using videos in teaching are not limited to comprehending course material better. Visual learning encourages student participation like no other mode of training can. Using videos in the classroom can enable increased participation of individuals as well as groups. Several schools have started using videos to boost participation and interaction levels.

4. Online availability

eLearning has become a massive part of education today and for good reason. The fact that eLearning material includes video-based learning and is freely available online to the learners means that they can learn at their own pace and convenience (and even revisit course material when they want to).

5. Impact

Short videos create an instant impact on the viewer and can be used by colleges and educational institutions judiciously for purposes like welcoming a new batch of students on board or delivering orientation. A welcome video or video-based orientation/induction has proved to be an effective means to make new entrants feel at home. This was first tried out by HR departments in organizations, but it is also a very effective way to make students feel at ease on their first day at school or in the university.

6. Promotion

The competition between educational institutions is almost cutthroat today, and every setup is trying different things to reach out to prospective students and their parents. One of the most efficient ways of promoting an institute or advertising courses is by using quality explainer videos. Explainer videos can not only present facts, figures and key pointers in a crisp manner, but also create an impact and influence the buyer journey to an extent.

7. Staff training

Educating students is one thing, but training the staff is a different ball game altogether. Explainer videos can help with staff training by breaking down information about new policies, procedures, exams, course structure, curriculum, etc. instead of going the traditional route.

There are various types of explainer videos that educational institutes can experiment with, including:

  • 2D character animation videos
  • Whiteboard explainer videos
  • 3D animated explainer videos
  • Animated infographics
  • Kinetic typography videos


Here’s an example:


The use of videos in learning and teaching is only going to get more popular as institutions empower students with the ability to access course material and college information from their devices.

If you, too, have realized the importance of leveraging the audio-visual medium in education and want to create explainer videos for your needs, get in touch with our team now! Toolbox Studio is the frontrunner in educational video production. The studio has delivered several explainer videos for educational institutes like Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, enabling them to deliver an enhanced experience to both students as well as prospects.





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