Every Little Secret about the Minions and the Minion Movies

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Every Little Secret about the Minions and the Minion Movies

Every Little Secret about the Minions and the Minion Movies

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The Minions were first presented in 2010s ‘Despicable Me’ where they won the hearts of millions. This movie was a big treat both for children and adults alike. The gibberish speaking klutzes were a huge success and helped the first sequel earn about $543.113.985 all over.

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions is having a worldwide release on July 10th 2015. Minions have evolved over the ages, having made an initial start as single celled yellow organisms. The storyline goes like this-The Minions fall into deep depression and find themselves without someone to serve. Until Kevin, one of the Minions hatches a plan along with the rebel Stuart and cute little Bob. They seek out on an adventure to seek for the new wicked boss for his fellow members to follow.

The voiceover of the Minions was given by stars like Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steven Coogan and Steve Carell. Here are some secrets about the minions and the movie sequel that many people would want to know.

The Minions are not getting any Younger

Did you know minions exist even before the existence of dinosaurs? Ever since these lovable little creatures came into existence, they served only one purpose and that is to seek the most evil of all masters. As the trailer proceeds, retaining their boss becomes their new tough mission.

The Egyptian Quest

Through their entire quest, the minions got the opportunity to serve the mightiest masters all the way through history together with the ancient Egyptians. The trailer shows that the minions contributed to the making of the pyramids even though they were not the best architects one can think of.

Make War not Peace

It will be an understatement to say that the minions were present to help the world conquerors. To say that they were present in the war itself said a lot of things about them.

To err is Evil

The minions have a history of slaying a lookalike vampire of Dracula and sadly this is not counted as a munificent deed at all or a sacrifice they did for mankind. Like any other day, they thought of a surprise for the vamp as it was his birthday. Everything was set perfectly and off they went excitedly with the birthday cake. Blame it on their rotten luck but fortunately or unfortunately, they shook him awoke greeted with a room full of sunlight. That marked the end of the vampire.

Depressed Minions

Wait a second. Did someone say depressed minions? Yes, you heard that right. Apparently the minions fell into deep depression and became quite aimless. This happened after quite a number of their masters’ step down and left them over the years. Overcome by all these incidents, the minions retreated to a glacial environment and stayed on waiting for something to come by.

Kudos to the Brave Heroes

The three protagonists in the movie Kevin, Bob and Stuart decide to take things on their own hands seeing their clan in deep depression. They thought that enough is enough and decide to go embark on a journey to seek for a new master. This journey took them off far away from mankind.

Behind the Stories

The movie is set for a summer release this 2015 and like we mentioned earlier, it will star the three unsung heroes as they go on a quest on the Manhattan streets looking for an evil master. The adventure begins in New York City.

Go Bananas over Bananas

Minions are crazy over bananas. No pun intended.

Hope you enjoyed reading up on these little secrets about minions and the minion movies. If you did, share it with the rest too!





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