FMX: What went down there!

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FMX: What went down there!

FMX 2012


Each year all the well-known artists, producers, scientists, specialists including other dignitaries come together to FMX to build their connection and talk about their production, upcoming technologies and newer method of financing with a wider audience. All the specialists delivered insightful presentations and hold workshops while some of the industry experts introduced their hardware and software products. Some of the best companies are in the lookout for the best talent at the Recruiting and International schools through their finest projects.

Events Schedule

On May 15th 2015, FMX’ celebrated their 20th Anniversary Edition with great aplomb and splendor. It was four days of extravaganza brimming with fun together with the screening of the biggest digital content entertainment like Avengers 2- Age of Ultron screening. The Marvel team was in attendance along with VFX Supervisor Christopher Townsend. Around 3,200 delegates representing 55 countries came in attendance to Haus der Wirtschaft. Some more eminent guests included ILM and Toy Story attended the party.

FXM next event takes place on April 26-29, 2016.

The 20th FMX Conference took place at Stuttgart on May 5-8 based on Animation , Effects, Games and Transmedia. Mackevision was in the Recruiting Hub and gave four talks as well.

The names of the speakers are mentioned below:

On Tuesday, May 5th at Konig Karl Hall, Emmy Winner Joern Grosshans discussed work for the award winning Game of Thrones, Season 4 series between 11-12 am.

On May 6 at Room Reutlingen 3D Supervisor Rouven Dombrowski gave detailed information on how was it like to work for Mackevision between 11:30-12 am.

Next 3D Lead Artist Christian Zilliken spoke on the work done by them for Game of Thrones and their use of the newest features in Phoenix FD and V-Ray throughout their making.

Events Highlights

On May 5th 2015, VFX Supervisor Jorn Grosshans talked at length about the work productivity and art visualizations behind the scenes of various classic environments in series like Ervie, the Red Keep and presenting the first look of the Free City of Braavos. Their vision was to improvise the setting with every new season of Game of Thrones. In addition, Jorn Grosshans presented complete information about the different techniques used while shooting with crowds, like wedding guests and armies together with showcasing photorealistic water and CG ships.

On May 6th 2015, Rouven Dombrowski gave an insight of how it felt like working for Mackevision and further talking about their job requirements and presenting various ideal milestones film and print projects. He was eager to interact with the delegates and participants after giving his talk in the Recruiting Hub.

On May 5th and 7th 2015, Christian Zilliken the Lead Artist at Mackevision discussed about the work done for Game of Thrones and their use of the newest features in Phoenix FD and V-Ray in the making of Game of Thrones. His past works includes working as a freelance digital artist focused in shading and lighting. In the past, he had worked for various award winning TV show and movies including doing the some of the seasons for Game of Thrones.

The 20th Jubilee Anniversary of FMX was kicked started by Terrence Masson and Sebastian Sylwan the Visual Effects and Digital Media Technology Executive. Speakers like Ludwig von Reiche presented the highlight of personal photo albums, homage’s and a CG bear. Senior VFX Supervisor and Director of Weta Digital went on stage to commemorate 20 years of Weta Digital.

What Participants Gained from it

It was a great meet for all the experts to come together and speak towards a common goal. People who attended these events got hands-on experience on the ample opportunities they can get to showcase on the current trends and availability of products and services. The experts spoke about how to plunge into the latest of trends and render professional graphic solutions such as crowd simulations, 3D rendering, 2D animation software, image stitching and a host of other things. They even got the opportunity to interact with some of the leading industrialists and visualize their dreams.

All in all, the events turned out to be a huge success. People eagerly await for the next session coming up in April 2016.