Game of Thrones VFX: Rodeo FX Winning an Emmy for Presenting Huge armies and Fantasy landscapes

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Game of Thrones VFX: Rodeo FX Winning an Emmy for Presenting Huge armies and Fantasy landscapes

Game of Thrones VFX: Rodeo FX Winning an Emmy for Presenting Huge armies and Fantasy landscapes

Game of Thrones, visual effects

 A studio that had the honor to join the team of Game of Thrones was Montreal-based VFX studio-Rodeo FX. With over more than a 150 visual effects shots created for the fourth season of the much celebrated TV series, Game of Thrones, they have added yet another credit, as part of the rest of their honorary works. Telecast by HBO, the 10 episodic series finished off with the most epic ending. Rodeo FX has contributed a lot to Game of Thrones and has won an Emmy for creating the most enticing visual effects ever.


The Rodeo team earned it to win it and it took them six whole months to earn their stupendous statuette. All thanks goes to their team for bringing up such a brilliant concept and winning the most prestigious Emmy at the end of it all. Not forgetting to mention the hundreds of artist, project managers and technicians that joined hands to build this great stature. They won the prestigious Emmy Awards equally a big-win as the American Academy Awards for films. It was an event to remember for the Rodeo Team at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Such a glorious occasion to commemorate their well deserved success.

game of thrones, visual effects


So elated with his team’s performance, VFX Supervisor Matthew Rouleau had this to say about his team, “There was such a contagious desire to perform and deliver beyond-stunning visual effects. The artists really put all their talent and their heart into the work. This is why we now have this amazing statuette decorating our office.”

The President of Sebastien Moreau was tremendously proud of the partnership they formed with Game of Thrones. He exclaimed, ‘We could not ask for a better show for our first experience in TV series. We really have the feeling that we entered the high end TV series in a big way. The visual universe that was established during the three seasons is spectacular, with a level of quality that is just exceptional. We knew what the expectations were.”

Story Behind the Game of Thrones VFX

The most memorable scene was when the colossal army attacks the beautiful city of Meereen, the greatest of the cities of Slaver’s Bay. Rodeo FX was in charge of creating the whole scene in CG. They went on to create a host of extraordinary matte painting, a zombie horse, adding physical superficial changes to the characters, replicating atmospheric effects and adding to several wolves’ sequences including many others.

Game of thrones, visual effects

Another striking scene that is worth commenting is the White Walker sequence. This memorable scene presents a White Walker riding along with an undead horse, and discovers a baby that is supposedly the last son of Craster. The White Walker takes the baby to the altar and transforms him into a White Walker too.

The whole image of the undead horse was partially created in 3D and its neck and muzzle was computer generated. The texture artist and modelers of Rodeo FX achieved this look by physically disfiguring the animal and drilled holes and cavities inside its mouth and neck.

One more brilliant use of visual effects was the scene where the sky was filled with aurora borealis in the icy regions.


One well acclaimed scene is the epic battle fought between thousands of horse riders. It was visually enticing and created in full CG environment. According to VFX Supervisor, Matthew Rouleau, the Stannis attack sequence will remain one of the most memorable moments of Season Four, not only for the viewers but for the team as well.

 Although there can only be one name on the trophy, this prize is the result of an incredible team effort and a lot of people deserve to have their name on the award,” Moreau said. “Matthew did an amazing job leading the team, and he was surrounded by a great squad: Producer Isabelle Langlois, Executive Producer Jordan Soles, project manager Annie Cliche and compositing supervisor Patrick David. These guys did an incredible job, and so did the entire Rodeo FX team.

Given all these beautiful visual impact and effects, Rodeo FX deserves all the kudos to their name. They can claim their award and victory exalting it to the highest.