Pune 52


DNA’s verdict on Nikhil Mahajan’s debut into the world of feature films, Pune 52 was” Watch to see a Marathi Noir film, but remember this ain’t massy fare!” Many did watch and many spoke about it but we speak about it from our peak into all the behind the scenes action! We’ll get into it but let’s talk about the movie a little first.

The trailer certainly did the job of catching the public eye and making it stand out from what we are used to seeing the Marathi movie industry. As the very first neo noir ever made in Marathi, the movie revolves around the life of a private detective who makes a living by spying on cheating spouses, his wife, and a client who hires him to catch his cheating husband.

PNG – Mukut Making

The movie is set with the touch of a thriller but it is also quite connected with the drama angle. Set in the year 1992 in Pune’s Karve Nagar neighborhood in a middle class home that has definitely seen better days, the movie shows the struggles of a middle class detective with a wife who wants more from him and his yearning to do more for a sexy and suave client who is looking to him for help. This movie marks a bold move for the Marathi movie industry entering a whole new genre.


PNG – Mukut Making

With the movie focused in 1992, a year after India was linked to the global capital, we needed to recreate some of the landmarks of the time.


Setting The Environment of the Period

We recreated the Deccan Theatre that was a marked landmark of the time but is no longer a part of the city’s layout.

Transformation of The Home

A large portion of film depends on the tone that home inhabited by the couple.

Pune 52

Techniques used

From showing how dramatic his life changes with success, Toolbox showed the journey of the protagonist in a VFX centric montage sequence with 3D animation. Also, some prominent landmarks in Pune like the Deccan Theatre were recreated with CG elements.

Behind the Scenes

Pune 52


We were extremely proud to be a part of a game changer in the Marathi movie industry. Also because the project allowed us to showcase our visual effects capabilities at the fullest and recreate the beautiful era of 90s in a creative way. Every shot of the movie was like Canvas which we used to paint beautiful shots and entice the viewer.



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