Compositing aligns all assets together to bring the final shot to life. Our experienced 2D and 3D compositing professionals understand the creativity and proficiency required for international VFX projects. Toolbox Studio delivers superior Blue/Green screen extraction, chroma key, paint and set extension solutions to clients across the globe.

Why Choose Us for Compositing Services in India?

  • We have passionate compositing experts who are empowered with the latest software solutions.
  • We deliver premium quality composting output for our esteemed clients anywhere in the world.
  • Our studio space is part of a 5000 Sq.ft IT fortified facility following MPAA guidelines
  • We are proud of an industry experience of over 10 years in the VFX industry
  • With clients in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe among others, we have proven ourselves to be the trusted compositing studios in India.
  • We execute Green screen compositing, Set extension, Beauty enhancement, Paint and other services with panache.



comp green scrren_original_01comp green scrren_output_01

Project Name: Pune 52

For a film that is heavily laden with VFX, Pune 52 had 250 VFX shots. We worked on the entire film, providing the most optimal quality with minimal repeats in record time. In this preview, an old movie theatre and environment were painstakingly created by our expert VFX team.


Project Name: Baaji

A treasure-filled cave with fire as the only light source! A film about a vigilante protecting his city, Baaji demanded 300+ VFX shots with several CGI elements. We churned out exceptional visual effects for the entire project, like in this preview.

Comp Befour 3Comp After 3

Project Name: UnIndian

An Indo-Australian production, there were over 170 VFX shots in this film. Toolbox Studio delivered superior paint and compositing solutions, like the crowd multiplication you see here.

Comp Befour 4Comp After 4

Project Name: UnIndian

For this particular Holi festival celebration scene, we used our compositing prowess to recreate the colour blasts.



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