As the premier roto studio in India, our expert in-house rotoscope artists use Silhouette and Mocha to deliver outstanding outputs for a variety of feature films, TV commercials, television and web series. Clients from USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and other regions trust Toolbox Studio for their rotoscopy outsourcing needs.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Toolbox Studio hosts a team of passionate and experienced Roto artists who work round the clock
  • We adhere to stringent quality checks and timelines for every project we work on
  • Our studio space is part of a 5000 Sq. Ft. IT fortified facility following MPAA guidelines
  • We are proud of an industry experience of over 10 years in the VFX industry
  • With clients in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe among others, we have proven ourselves to be the trusted Roto outsourcing company in India


Film VFX process video of Toolbox Studio



Project Name: La Promesse De I’Aube

We delivered 143 out of the 250+ VFX shots for this historical war movie, including roto mattes for the actors, crowds and other assets to acquire the desired output. In this particular shot, we provided roto mattes to replace the background with a bunch of fighter planes.


Project Name: La Promesse De I’Aube

We produced the roto for the lady with the hair strands and replaced the background visual of the open city view with elements like the sky, rivers, cliffs and houses (as well as the kid standing next to her).


Project Name: Conspiracy of Silence

With over 110 shots on our plate, here’s a preview of a shot where our compositors changed the background matte paintings with the help of roto mattes.


Project Name: Kinscem

Having worked on over 200 shots for this project, we produced roto mattes for all characters in the frame with complete precision in this particular shot. The objective was to achieve the look and feel of the 18th century.



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