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VFX can be easy but GOOD VFX is not. We know the difference. Whatever the assignment, we know how to create work that brings to focus the difference between good work and great work. We established the name Toolbox Studio 9 years back and today we are at the forefront of the Industry as a leading VFX company.

What do we do?

Our VFX solutions include Pre-visualization, Rotoscopy, Compositing and Green screen extraction. Pre-visualisation is the task of creative ideating in collaboration with the director and planning the requirements for production. While Rotoscopy, Compositing and Green screen extraction are the steps taken to visualize what has been ideated. Creating a good reel requires stream lining this activity right from the beginning. That is where we begin. The best part? We can do this for both live action and animated movies too. As a leading visual effects company, we are also in a place to provide additional value to commercials, promos, and TV commercial.

Why choose us?

There are a few simple parameters that every client has when they outsource a job. Quality, Adaptability, Pricing and Turnaround time.

  • Our quality standard is not just being better than the rest but it is being far ahead.
  • We adapt to your pipeline.
  • We ensure that you see results within the promised timeline.
  • All this we do at competitive prices!
  • It is the people that make the place and having a house filled with talented and experienced professionals makes everything possible.
Our combined experience as animators, VFX artist, writers, producers and filmmaker, enables us to consult on every aspect of the pre-visualization process. Our job is to interpret the director’s vision as quickly and as possible. In both live action and animation, Toolbox studio’s team understands the full spectrum of what it takes to make a feature film, largely because in-house animation and live action endeavors. We know the ins and outs of camera and lens selection, how lighting affects storytelling, what mis-en-scene is. We also understand our role in production process, and significant of what it means to take direction.


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At Toolbox, we make sure that you hit the ground running. 3D asset modelling is as important to creating good quality VFX as learning the alphabets before writing sentences. As a part of the pre-visualization, this process helps in generating fast and high quality results.

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Rotoscopy was first used in 1915. It has changed leaps and bounds since the 1990s. Computers came into the picture and changed everything making it easier to bridge creativity to meet execution. We use this to tip the scales in our clients favour.


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What good is a beautiful painting without the right canvas? A good matte painting is just that, a good canvas. A VFX or animation is only as good as the background it is set in and that is why we at Toolbox Studios lay so much emphasis on perfection when doing this.


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An idea loses value the instance it is not presented right. The same happens to a video too. Unless the final video meets the standards the audience demands, it fails to deliver the message. Whether the purpose is sheer entertainment or information delivering, compositing needs to be done well for outstanding results.


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