Outsourcing in The VFX Industry: VFX Studios in India Are At The Forefront

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November 17, 2014
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Outsourcing in The VFX Industry: VFX Studios in India Are At The Forefront


VFX industry trends in India

The words rapid and exponential do not even begin to do justice to the growth that the animation sector of India has seen in the recent years. During the beginning of this calendar year, it was estimated to be at 247 million US dollars and it was estimated to continue growing at 15 to 20% per annum. The big guys of the west like Walt Disney, Sony, and Warner Brothers have been sending out work on character animation and special effects our way and small business have been budding and sprouting in large numbers. Entrepreneurs in the animation industry say that though they are in theory clubbed with the IT industry, the work is 70% art and 30% technology and passion needed makes it possible for them to survive the competition. They haven’t just survived but they have thrived and are now bagging more and more noteworthy deals. As the outsourcing demands increase, more and more companies are joining the race from all around the country with Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad as the hubs. These companies have their own high-end studios and employ highly trained and skilled artists providing a full array of services. They also possess the ability to provide to a client’s customized requests.

Outsourcing as a pattern started with the IT industry. Slowly but steadily it has made its way into every other industry including that of VFX. But why India? What makes India the preferred choice for the west? The reasons are obvious. They are listed below.


The fact of the matter is that it costs only about one fourth of the price to get a job done in India as compared to North America and only 35% compared to Korea and the Philippines. From the perspective of a business, you never skip an opportunity to save money unless it compromises quality.

Education and quality:

As the demand grows in the industry, more and more big advertising agencies and media schools are formulating courses focusing on quality training. And every year new talent pour into the job market, meeting the needs of skilled workers who can offer relatively better quality output.


No job can be achieved without the labour to execute it. Having the second largest entertainment industry in the world gives India the scope to meet the labour requirements. And the constant improvement in the educational standards offers a bridge between the numbers and skill levels. After all, here the saying “what you see is what you get” is applicable in a very literal sense.


With English being the primary language of communication in the profession environment across the country, outsourcing companies find it a lot easier to communicate their requirements.

Age of digital media

Digital media has changed the very way the world works. It presented the world an opportunity to interact continuously removing the age-old barriers of geography and reach. This contributed the growth spurt in the VFX industry. But the real change happened when Youtube became hit. The number of people searching, viewing, and interacting around video content has gone up tremendously. Youtube ready has the second largest number of search across the globe. Brands for a while now have leveraging this medium as a tool to reach out to its target audience. Because of this, the number of projects being made has also increased! It started out with the bigger brands and the IT companies that infiltrated the world markets and India. But has moved beyond that today but the concept of e-learning and other newer industries stepping in.

Because of these factors, outsourcing projects to India are only going to increase in numbers. The animation industry in India will only continue to grow and the VFX Studios in India will grow not just in number but also size and global presence!






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