Isometric Animation

Animation is the go-to content delivery platform for brands that wish to reach out to a diverse demographic or add some levity to their communication. Isometric animation falls under this purview, but stands apart as it is a 2D animation that offers 3D sensibilities.


Animated videos have come into sharp focus for marketers after Dropbox so famously used an explainer on their homepage in 2015 which resulted in 10 million new signups and a revenue boost to the tune of $48 million!

Why should you invest in isometric animation?

Isometric animation production involves the clever use of 2D animation to create an environment that appears to have three dimensions through clever use of angles, shadows and other techniques. With it, creators can provide the feel of a 3D animation without the extra expenditure, and create content that jumps out at viewers due to its distinct style.

Businesses can also use this method to provide conceptual information in an easy-to-grasp format and extend their brand’s reach in the digital space.



How Toolbox Studio can help you with isometric animation

Being an experienced isometric explainer video company, Toolbox Studio can create innovative and gratifying videos that are engaging and easy to ingest. Our staff of professional artists and animators based out of our cutting-edge studio in Pune, India, have all the hardware, software and support needed to provide the kind of output that businesses of all shapes and sizes can use.

Are you planning to commission an isometric animation for your business?

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