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What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short and intriguing clip that explains your company, product, service or process in an easily understandable way. Explainer videos are a powerful tool and are indispensable in helping your audience understand your product or service, the visual way.

What Makes Explainer Videos Awesome for Business?


Extremely effective in helping viewers find satisfying answers.

Boost Engagement

Better understanding means more engagement and higher conversions.

Augment Brand Value

Increase brand awareness and reach a bigger audience.

Flexible 2D/3D animation work


Customizable with 2D/3D animation, script, fluid editing, motion graphics, voiceovers and music.

96%  of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Is your business missing out?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, there are fundamental differences between an explainer video, a sales video, and a demo video.

    • Explainer videos have become a popular means for brands to demonstrate how their products work andto give customers a quick overview of their service offerings. An explainer video is essentially used to clarify the value proposition and educate the audience about a product, service, or a business idea.
    • On the other hand, a sales videois the audio-visual version of a quick sales pitch. A sales video can take your existing value proposition to the next level by highlighting the core concept, key features, and marketing them creatively. It usually engages the customer and tries to bring them to a purchase decision.
    • A demo video, as the name suggests, presents visual or tangible proof of a product or service to the potential customer. Demo videos are used to show a product’s worth and demonstrate how it solves the customer’s problem and helps them get closer to a purchase decision.

    Explainer and sales videos may overlap in some cases. However,it might help your business to begin with your objectives instead of the type of video. Toolbox Studio would love to understand thegoals you want to achieve from your video, and then recommend the best type of videos for your business.

  • Crafting an exceptional explainer video is a process that is a combination of many variables. The following factors play a major role in determining the cost of an explainer video :

    • Time
    • Effort
    • Expertise
    • Resources
    • Infrastructure

    From conception to final delivery, the process involves steps like story writing, scripting, screenplay, storyboarding, live-action shooting, animation, motion graphics, editing, voiceover, background music creation, and other postproduction work. The cost will vary depending on the length and complexity of your video.

    Get in touch with our teamto understand how our pricing model for explainer videos works.

  • Each explainer video is unique and has requirements that change with the client and industry. The timeframe would typically depend on things like:

    • The length of the video
    • The complexity of the animation used
    • The time required to complete a live shoot
    • The time taken to complete the postproduction process

    At Toolbox Studio, our experience and expertise in creating outstanding explainer videos help us meet tightdeadlines without compromising the quality. Having an in-house team of writers, storyboarding artists,cinematographers, animators, directors, and editors enables us to accelerate the video creation process.

    If you would like an actual time estimate for your project,get in touch with us. Based on the requirement and scope of work, we will provide the timeline and deliver the work at the earliest.

  • While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, the ever-decreasing attention span of the modern audience suggests that keeping it short is the best approach.

    No matter the length of your video, it is important to hook your viewers within the first 5 seconds. If the viewer loses interest right at the beginning, the bounce rates will fly through the roof. Several studies suggest that keeping your explainer video within the 1- to 2-minute range should work well.

    We say, the shorter, the better.

    However, it is all easier said than done.The length of explainer videos depends on things like :

    • The objective of your explainer video
    • The subject of your explainer video and the minimum amount of time you to cover it
    • Your audience and their patience

    We believe every business needs a unique solution and can help work out an ideal time for your explainer videos. Reach out to us and we will take it from there.

  • Yes, Toolbox Studio’s in-house team of experts includes talented and experienced writers who specialize in areas like conceptualization, story writing, scriptwriting, screenplay, and dialogue writing.

    Typically, our clients tell us what they would like to achieve through the explainer video and share their ideas with us. Subsequently, our writers flesh out these ideas (or come up with their own) before scripting the entire video.

  • Explainer videos have a massive range of uses across the board. In terms of external communication and marketing, explainer videos can be used to enlighten potential or current customers about your brand, products, services, company values, initiatives, and so on. Popular channels include your website, social media profiles, email, television, and video platforms like YouTube.

    You can also use explainer videos to increase engagement within your organization with your employees, board, and shareholders. They can also be used as a tool to train your staff or to circulate information online or during events like trade shows and conferences.

    The possibilities are endless!

  • The incredible evolution of marketing and technology means that the attraction-to-acquisition funnel has become wider and more varied than ever before.

    Typically, the success or failure of a video is associated with direct metrics like impressions, views, likes, shares, virality, CTR (clickthrough rate), inquiries, leads, and sales. While these parameters might give you a basic idea of how your explainer video is performing, there are several “hidden” metrics that you might overlook. These include things like brand awareness and brand loyalty.

    At any rate, settling on the metrics of success before starting the process of creating an explainer video is very important.

  • Yes, Toolbox Studio is adept at creating high-quality explainer videos across a variety of languages. We regularly work with the best translation and localization agencies to craft engaging videos in many languages. Having delivered explainer videos to clients across four continents, our solid experience in understanding languages, dialects, and cultures holds us in good stead. Get in touch with our team with your requirements and we will put our best foot forward to get your explainer video created, no matter what the language!

  • The final video is delivered to you in high-definition (HD) format, keeping in mind that it would be used across a variety of platforms (website, YouTube, social media, events, etc.).

    If you need the video to be in a specific format,let our team knowand we can make it happen.

  • You have the complete rights to the final explainer video files and all related assets. Toolbox Studio might want to use the video or a part of it in the future to add to our portfolio, but we only do so with your written consent and if our agreement with you includes this clause.


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