Kinetic typography animation, or using moving text with effects for emphasis is emerging as the new go-to style of marketing when industries and agencies want to be cool, quirky, fresh or different.

Kinetic typography as a style of storytelling has been around for a long time now, but it hasn’t ever been as in vogue as it has become in the last few years. This isn’t ‘just another fad’ either, as research has proven the effectiveness of kinetic animation.

  • These types of animation are known to energize customers
  • Products seem fresh and exciting when presented in this format
  • Customers are reported to have a greater urge to purchase the product advertised using kinetic animations
Explaner Video Kinetic Typography

Why choose us?

Toolbox Studio isn’t just a kinetic typography company, but one of India’s most revered animation companies. Our legacy of successful animation projects spans industries, styles, and clients from across the country. Our kinetic typography team delivers content that drives home all the key ideas and information that you wish to share with your consumers in an entertaining and exuberant format.



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