Company Culture & Recruitment Video Production

What makes someone want to join a company? It’s the company culture, of course! Apart from the great jobs you are offering, Toolbox Studio can well and truly enable you to spread the word about the openings with a custom company culture or recruitment video that draws in the applications.



The job market is evolving at a rapid pace and businesses are looking at new and effective tools like company culture videos to attract top talent.

  • Job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without video
  • Employers receive a 34% greater candidate application rate when they add video to their job postings

Why you should create a company culture video


Vision, mission, work environment, growth opportunities, employer branding, diversity, customer service, work culture, learning opportunities – how do you ensure that the best talent in the industry learns about how great your company really is?

Most businesses, large and small, have begun leveraging the power of engaging company culture videos today since they have a massive emotional appeal and showcase what it is like to be a part of the organization.




Toolbox Studio’s expertise in crafting custom recruitment videos and company culture films


Our expert team excels in producing highly appealing company videos for businesses of all kinds. Talk to our team to understand how a custom video can help you exhibit your company culture and bring in the right kind of people.

Wish to create a company culture video or a recruitment film?

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