9 Types of Corporate Films Your Business Must Explore

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9 Types of Corporate Films Your Business Must Explore

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Being a corporate film production company here at Toolbox Studio, we have seen how impactful corporate videos have been for customers in the past. Video as a medium is more engaging than any other, and is also one of the most popular forms of media consumption online. In the last year, the popularity of video online has skyrocketed, causing marketers to rethink their strategies for the coming year.


These following statistics from Tubular Insights shed light on this growth, “There were 6.1 Trillion cross-platform video views between April 2015, and April 2016, that’s a staggering increase of 71% year-on-year. Data-driven video content is becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing campaigns, with 68% of marketers believing that original digital video content will be as important as original TV programming in the next 3 years. With YouTube reaching more U.S. based 18-49 year-olds than ANY broadcast or cable TV network, the reach and influence of online video content is only set to increase.”

The numbers speak for themselves, corporate film production is definitely a huge influence on masses, and masses that belong to the right demographics, too. If you are looking to expand your corporate portfolio and explore the possibility of commissioning a corporate video, but don’t know what options you can look at, we have got you covered.

Here is a list of the nine most popular categories of corporate films that you can make.

The 9 top corporate film types to help businesses boom

1. The explainer
You may have noticed that YouTube is populated with ‘how to’ videos about using many a product and service, created by customers and fans themselves. The more popular ‘how to’ videos have some massive hit counts as well, and there is good reason for that – people find it easier to learn by watching rather than reading instructions. So why not release an official video that is part commercial, part ‘how to…’

These videos can teach customers how to use your product or service properly, guiding them to the process step-by-step, and also promoting the product or company’s virtues in the bargain.

2. Customer testimonials
Customer testimonials are a great way to convince potential customers that your product delivers. So why not ask regular customers to send in videos talking about why they like your products?

These type of videos, when presented in a slick production, can go a long way towards enhancing your credibility.

3. Industrial videos
These videos are meant for important stakeholders within the industry rather than customers themselves. As such, they are slightly more technical in nature, and provide a more professional insight into your firm’s capabilities and competencies. Typically, industrial videos are used for B2B marketing, investor pitches, sales pitches and displayed at trade shows.

4. Promotional videos
Essentially a commercial, but one that isn’t restricted by the time constraints of a TV spot. It can be a little longer and more indulgent for the online space, and have a little bit more depth in terms of content as well. Promo videos can also be shared with press and media, at promotional events or as part of any other promotional package.

5. Product launch
When you are at the brink of launching a new product into the market, a promotional video can be a great way to generate hype. It can be shared on official social media, pushed out on various platforms and generally used to create curiosity, awareness and intrigue into your new product.

6. FAQ and support
Similar to the explainer, these videos address the most frequently asked questions and provide tips on product maintenance and other support information. Having a video to help customers with FAQs and addressing support queries can really help your customer care department and reduce the amount of individual queries that your customer care department has to deal with.

7. Staff training
A great way to reach a large swathe of staff for training and information without organizing camps and the like is through video. Have the trainer walk the staff through the process of using the new machine or implementing the reworked protocols or anything else that’s required, and share it with the workforce. It can accentuate of even replace physical on-the-job training exercises.

8. Internal communications
Whether you need to provide shareholders with an annual report or update investors and board members on the state of the firm, a video can make a strong impact. Providing key insights and data in an easily consumable format creates better engagement and fosters greater understanding.

9. PR communications
There are times when information needs to be shared with the general public or your customer base. This information can be a communication issued in public interest or an important declaration regarding the product or anything else that doesn’t qualify as a promotional video.

These communications can be posted on official websites and shared with television and digital media.


If you want to make any kind of corporate production and need a studio with the requisite skill, experience and know-how to help make it happen then get in touch. Take a look at our corporate film production services for more information.




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