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Brand managers, marketing professionals, corporate communication heads and production coordinators trust Toolbox Studio to deliver quality and cost-effective corporate videos that help them achieve their brand goals.



With video becoming the preferred medium of communication for a majority of businesses, it is almost criminal for companies to not include this highly effective tool in their marketing strategy.

  • 60% of internet users prefer watching a video about a company (company profile video) rather than reading about it
  • Videos attract three times as many clicks compared to text
  • 50% of all mobile traffic is video streaming

Why should you invest in a company profile video?


It is quite evident that videos are and will continue to be the medium of choice for both – businesses and consumers. Whether you are B2B, B2C, C2C or C2B – your audience is watching videos. This is a massive opportunity for marketers and businesses to leverage the power of videos and films.

Corporate promotional videos or branded films are a popular and converting means of getting noticed by the right people, spreading brand awareness, promoting products or services and exhibiting the company profile.



How Toolbox Studio can help you with a brand video


At Toolbox Studio, we specialize in branded video content production, thanks to our wide-ranging experience with clients from different industries. Our expertise in offering end-to-end promotional video production services – from conceptualizing to post-production – means we can deliver custom company profile videos and branded corporate films to businesses from the IT, Automobile, Manufacturing, Pharma and Hospitality sectors.

Wish to create a company profile video for your business?

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