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Animated Explainer Videos Production

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Technology has changed the landscape of the world. Distances shrunk drastically as technology got smarter and more available to everyone. Communication became a piece of cake and suddenly markets grew from being restricted by geographic limitations to as far as you can think and infrastructure can go. Letters turned to mails. Brochures turned into websites. Mails turned into web 2.0 and social media. Written content moved and made space for videos which currently the audience favourite. Today we can check a video from anywhere, as long as we have access to the internet with a smart phone. Pretty much anything is possible.

Changing times demand for changing solutions to challenges. And that is what an animated explainer videos. A new age solution to challenges of the virtual space which are just as real any other real world challenge. The challenge we speak of here is that of how do we send across a message in a compelling enough manner to get the attention of our targeted customers. And then follow that up with a conversion.

Why animated explainer videos? Animated Explainer Videos

As we said before, animated explainer videos are the world’s current best answer to this question. It is in fact, the current favourite is the world of digital advertising. Digital marketers today have the same reaction to them as the barons of the ad world did to TV ads back in the day. Why? Because according to the latest statistics from HubSpot, 58 percent of B2B buyers watched videos during 2014 while researching a purchasing decision. Not just that 95% said they prefer shorter form of content especially videos over the other forms and 68% of them wanted to have access to them on demand.

Not to mention the weightage they add to SEO when the done right. This form of content never really loses value. That is the effect that a single animated explainer video can have on your conversions.

Who can benefit from an animated explainer video?

The right question to ask is who cannot benefit from an animated explainer video! These videos can be tailored to suit any kind of a message that needs to be made. Your product need not fit the cute and cuddly category for it to be animated. It can be serious service. In fact, you will see that the more serious your service, the more effective you will the animated explainer video is at breaking it down and kicking up the engagement parameters! Look at what pinterest did with their animated explainer video.

It was the simplest yet most effective to explain the product and build recall at the same time. And it was not pinterest who pulled it off, it was also Wizzki. Wizzki is an app that helps employers manage the hiring process and we don’t have to tell you that hiring is not a fun job at all!

How can we help you make the best animated explainer video?

By now, you exactly how and why animated explainer videos can turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. But allow us to let you in a secret. It is not just how to use the video that makes a difference. The difference begins with the video itself.Have you ever asked yourself why you remember only some select videos of the ones you have seen over a period of time? Analyse and you will see that these are the videos that we so awesome that you couldn’t forget it even if you tried.

That is the kind of video you need. One that has the right mix of a script, animation, and voice over to deliver the message needed! That is what we at Toolbox Studios specialize in! Our team of experience and awesomely creative people are what you need to make a difference.Animated explainer videos are one among the many types of digital videos like product explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos, and business explainer videos that are all made with the intent of making purchase decisions easier!