VFX Matchmove and Camera Tracking Services


Relativity, position, orientation, scale and motion are perhaps the most important things when it comes to motion tracking. Taking the next step in the CGI-live-action revolution, Toolbox Studio’s skillful matchmove artists ensure the perfect blend of computer graphics and live action footage for your project with software like 3D Equalizer and Maya.

Our tracking and matchmove expertise enable us to fulfill the camera and object tracking needs for a wide spectrum of clients in the United States.


Toolbox Studio VFX and 3D camera tracking Work


Film Vfx Matchmove Before work  - Toolbox Film Vfx Matchmove After work - Toolbox
Shot 01

To sync the blast with camera motion, we needed to create track points so that CG can merge with the actual camera motion. We worked on more than 45 shots to matchmove such effects within deadlines.

Toolbox Film Vfx Matchmove Before work Toolbox Film Vfx Matchmove After work
Shot 02

The client’s requirement was to make a high-tech city along with a cruise ship. Toolbox Studio successfully delivered track points with accurate resolve on more than 20 shots with 100% client satisfaction.

Vfx matchmove and camera tracking before work expertise- Toolbox Vfx matchmove and camera tracking after work expertise- Toolbox
Shot 03

A shot from Kinscem, where the character was supposed to be seen carrying a horse cart full of CG boxes, we delivered track points with proper resolve. We worked on plenty of shots to achieve desired output within given timeline.

Matchmove and Camera tracking before work image Matchmove and Camera tracking after work image
Shot 04

A stuntman riding a horse, whose face was supposed to get replaced with the main character. We did matchmove with more than 95% quality and similarly delivered more than 80 shots for this project.


  • Expert tracking services that include thorough camera tracking, object tracking and matchmove
  • Ability to resolve and deliver the most complex solves
  • High-end Maya, FBX and proxy geometry capabilities
  • Delivery of detailed and exhaustive set models


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