Toolbox team has delivered unmatched rotoscope solutions for over 1.3 million frames for over a decade. Our roto artists leverage the power of Silhouette and Mocha for a variety of film, television and web projects.

Some our projects include massive films such as San Andreas, 300: Rise of an Empire, Maleficent, Jupiter Ascending, and The Hunger Games.

Some of our recent projects for the web include The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Boys, Arrow, Breaking Bad, Salvation and Legends of Tomorrow etc. Our experience and expertise in tracing over motion picture footage to produce realistic action makes us the preferred partners for production houses.


Film Vfx Rotoscopy - Toolbox Studion Pune, India


Stargirl Before VFX Rotoscopy Work by Toolbox Stargirl After VFX Rotoscopy Work by Toolbox
Project Name: Stargirl

We delivered 143 out of the 250+ VFX shots for this historical war movie, including roto mattes for the actors, crowds and other assets to acquire the desired output. In this particular shot, we provided roto mattes to replace the background with a bunch of fighter planes.

Sabrina Before VFX Rotoscopy Work by Toolbox Sabrina After VFX Rotoscopy Work by Toolbox
Project Name: Sabrina

We produced the roto for the lady with the hair strands and replaced the background visual of the open city view with elements like the sky, rivers, cliffs and houses (as well as the kid standing next to her).

Infinite Before VFX Rotoscopy Work by Toolbox Infinite After VFX Rotoscopy Work by Toolbox
Project Name: Crisis

With over 110 shots on our plate, here’s a preview of a shot where our compositors changed the background matte paintings with the help of roto mattes.

Superman Before VFX Rotoscopy Work by Toolbox Superman after VFX Rotoscopy Work by Toolbox
Superman and Lois

Our skilful Roto artists have helped Superman by generating his matte to allow him to perform his heroics. We roto’d around 150+ shots till now, still counting.


  • End-to-end rotoscoping services for feature films, web/TV production and commercials
  • Nuke shapes, Silhouette splines, hard matte, motion blur matte, open poly for hair strands
  • Lifelike replication of movements and complex tracing and clean extraction abilities
  • High levels of QC and QA – on time, every time


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