Toolbox Studio in our endeavour to understand your paint needs a build a team of expert pain artists. This team in a short period of time have worked over 700k frames for several filmmakers and production companies.

In our unending quest for flawlessness, we strive to deliver perfection in your frames with cutting-edge VFX paint, 3D projection and background replacement solutions that ensure you get the best visual results.

Our VFX artists work with latest software like Silhouette, Adobe Photoshop and Nuke to deliver unmatched quality output.


Film VFX paint work by Toolbox


Mankind before vfx paint work from Toolbox Mankind after vfx paint work from Toolbox
Project Name: All Mankind

Our team contributed to this science fiction drama, painted out 100’s of shots with minute details, thus becoming a major contributor for this show.

Before Vfx Paint work for Superman by Toolbox After Vfx Paint work for Superman by Toolbox
Project Name: Superman Lois

Our creative Paint artists have helped Superman and the team by cleaning up wires, rigs. We managed to turn these shots in a very tight schedule with highest quality, we painted around 100+ shots till now, still counting.

Before VFX Paint Work After VFX Paint Work VFX PAINT EXPERTISE
Project Name: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Ranked amongst the top 10 trending series on Netflix today, this was a particularly exciting project for our team. The sneak peek here showcases the high-end paint delivery we achieved for the series.

After VFX Paint Work VFX PAINT EXPERTISE Vfx after work
Project Name: Legends of Tomorrow

This action-adventure series was yet another ambitious and challenging project. Take a look at how we delivered fantastic outputs for wire removal, rig removal, property removal, object removal, character removal and chroma keying here.

Vfx before work Vfx paint after work
Project Name: Stargirl

For this project, we delivered more than 60 VFX shots. The Toolbox Studio team worked on removing the main character’s organs, while still maintaining the realism expected in the visuals.

Vfx paint crisis before work Vfx paint crisis after work
Project Name: Crisis

Another preview of a shot that we worked on for the popular action-adventure TV series. Here, we meticulously produced several beauty shots to the last pixel.


  • Ability to cater to all types of paint and cleanup needs for any project with a quick turnaround
  • Expert rig/wire removal, reflection cleaning and dust/scratch removal
  • We deliver Nuke scripts along with rendered clean plates
  • Whether it is frame-by-frame or clean plate, we work hard to make sure that every pixel is flawless

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FAQs On VFX Paint

  • Other than VFX paint, we also offer other services, that include :

    • Compositing aids in combining all the 2D and 3D VFX elements together
    • Matchmove includes objects, cameras, and bodies. Incorporating characters from both real-world and virtual scenes into a single perspective aids artists.
    • Rotoscoping consists of hard & motion blur mattes. We use Nuke and Silhouette to offer great outcomes.
  • Our experienced team of industry veterans in the VFX Paint studio understand the exact client requirements and choose suitable pipeline methods to provide accurate outputs. Tracking markings are removed with VFX paint after actors and objects have been enclosed by masks. Our paint artists also work on adding/removing an object, digital matte painting, general clean up, body/body beautification work or anything else that needs some creative attention.

  • At our VFX paint studio, we have more than 130 experts in our team. Our journey would have been incomplete without the help of our senior artists. They have contributed over 5 years of dedication at Toolbox.

    • We are an ISO certified studio
    • Based on the project’s requirements, we can easily scale up the resources
    • We possess a 3-level QC department to ensure optimum quality of the outputs
    • We work in a 2 shift model to offer quality output to clients due to different time zones
    • Our team is equipped with experienced, enthusiastic and competent VFX artists


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