Toolbox Studio, a 2d character animation service, helps brands leave a lasting impression with highly entertaining and creatively-crafted videos that feature custom animated characters. We assemble highly qualified, seasoned, devoted developers, designers, and artists. Professional-caliber 2D animation is what our team is skilled at producing.

We are pleased with the many successful projects we have previously finished at our 2D character animation company and aim to produce much more! You can give us a thorough description of your concept, and our experts will produce 2D animated characters and environments for you as per your specifications.

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What are Character Animation Videos?

Character animation refers to the process of creating and animating characters for a visual production. From humans and animals, to mascots and even aliens, videos with custom animated characters lend a relatable and personal touch. Character animation is widely used in social media videos, product videos, explainer videos, films, commercials and branding videos.

Why Should You Use Character Animation Videos?

Character animation-Break through the cutter

Break Through the Clutter

Eye-catching character animation videos help your brand stand out.

Convey your message

Convey Your Message

Animation enables you to simplify and communicate your message easily.

Engage and entertain

Engage and Entertain

Create a "human" connect and emote a wide range of feelings using character animation.

Ensure brand recall

Ensure Brand Recall

Well-crafted animated characters can boost your brand's recall value.

83%   companies with an animated video on their homepage say that the video effectively contributed to the conversion.

Character Animation Videos Can Be Used To...

Elevate your brand
Engage your audience
Market your product and service

Examples of the best character animation videos



Experience the Magic of Character Animation Videos With Us

Toolbox Studio houses the best-in-class 2d character animation service production technology, a crew of creative experts and budget-friendly solutions that work in tandem to deliver outstanding animated videos that feature engaging characters.


Frequently Asked Questions - 2D Character Animation Studio

  • Both animation and live-action videos are effective means of business communication. Which format you should choose for your business depends on a wide range of factors, including:

    • What goal are you trying to achieve from these videos?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Which video format would work best to reach and engage them?
    • What works best for your target audience?
    • What are your competitors doing?
    • What are your budgets and timelines for video production?

    If you aren’t sure about which route to take, our team at Toolbox Studio can help you get more clarity on the factors above and also guide you in terms of zeroing-in on a video format that would work best in your case.

  • Animated video production by a character animation company is a nuanced process that involves various steps that include:

    • Ideation and scripting
    • The flow of the video
    • Storyboarding
    • Animation (creating characters, environments, props, etc.)
    • Postproduction (editing, background score, voiceover, etc.)
    • Delivery of the final video

    Every phase involves a lot of work on an individual and team level, so the time required to complete one video may vary from project to project.

    Taking variables like your unique requirements, type of animation used, and the time and the skills needed, ultimately determine the cost of your animated videos. Get in touch with our team to understand how our pricing for animated videos works.

  • Creating an animated video is an elaborate process. For instance, a typical animated video that is X minutes long could take anywhere between X days to XX days to be completed. This includes the time taken from inception to the final delivery, which might include rounds of changes and the incorporation of the client’s feedback.

    At Toolbox Studio, we pride ourselves on working on tight timelines without compromising on the quality of the animation. However, it is important for us to first understand your needs and then provide an estimate of how much time it would take to complete the project.

  • At Toolbox Studio, we offer end-to-end animation production services by a character animation company for a wide variety of videos. Our character animation company's animation experts use cutting-edge tools, the latest software, their deep domain knowledge, and creativity to craft engaging animated videos.

    The techniques we use enable us to create magic through popular animation types like:

    • 2D animation
    • 3D animation
    • Motion graphics
    • 3D product modeling
    • Whiteboard animation
  • The Toolbox Studio team consists of specialists from all the relevant subsets of video creation. When it comes to animation, we offer end-to-end solutions which include aspects like scriptwriting and screenplay. Our capable in-house writers take ideas to the next level by crafting elaborate scripts, which can then be translated into visuals.

    Our team of writers has several years of industry experience on them and are known to create compelling scripts for a wide variety of animated videos. All you have to do is share your goal and concept with us – we will take it from there.

  • We are a character animation company, so we are familiar with every last nuance of the 2D animation workflow. The following steps comprise our 2D character animation services and result in a top-notch finished product :


    As part of our 2D character animation services, we thoroughly review the client's needs, offer inspiration and mood boards, and make animation sketches. After completing all preliminary work, we begin the animation itself while guaranteeing effective communication at every stage.

  • You can save a lot of time by selecting a 2d character animation studio because you can relive the workflow and use that time for other crucial activities. The procedure will also go quickly and without a hitch. Outsourcing 2D animation aids in cost reduction. How? It allows you the freedom to use the services only as needed. In contrast, employing a team necessitates a fixed overhead expense. It is more cost-effective to use outside experts when it is necessary. Experience and expertise come last but not least. You can hire a group of highly qualified 2D artists and designers with years of experience making animation and who are familiar with every bit of nuance of the procedure.



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