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What are Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos are internal and external business messaging, delivered in video format. They include company overview videos, facility videos, brand films, event coverage, proposal videos, internal communication, and customer testimonials.

With live-action footage, and slick graphics and sound, videos can be a fantastic way for businesses to showcase their offerings, win new customers, and stand out from the competition.

Why Invest in Corporate Video Production?

Build Creadability Corporate videos help you grow trust with Toolbox

Build Credibility

Corporate videos help you grow trust

Attract organic traffic to your website with Toolbox Corporate vodeos

Drive Traffic

Videos help attract organic traffic to your website

Increase Audient engagement with Corporate videos by Toolbox Studio

Engage the Audience

Videos are a great way to impress and involve people

Increase conersion with Corporate videos by Toolbox

Increase Conversions

Visual content drives viewers to take action

Your business website is 53 times
more likely to reach the first page of search engine results - if it includes video.

Corporate Videos Can Be Used To...

Elevate your Brand with Toolbox Stidio India
Training Videos - Improve engagement of audience toolbox

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It's true. Toolbox Studio is trusted by several leading brands for their corporate film production needs. Our creative and budget-friendly solutions are complemented by an experienced in-house crew and state-of-the-art production technology.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The costs involved in creating corporate videos are usually dependent on a range of factors, including :

    • Nature of the video - showcasing a manufacturing facility is different from a video with employee interviews.
    • The length of your video
    • The shoot schedule and setup
    • Infrastructure, resources, and equipment required for the shoot
    • The crew required for the shoot
    • The postproduction process

    At Toolbox Studio, we understand the need to take a custom approach to every corporate video. Get in touch with us to understand our pricing approach, tell us about your objectives, and get a detailed quote.

  • Every corporate video is unique, since we create it taking your needs and objectives into consideration. Typically, the time required to deliver the finished product is dictated by the different phases of video production :

    • Conceptualization and scripting
    • Planning, prepping, and preproduction
    • Live-action shoot
    • Editing and postproduction
    • Voiceover and background music

    Our in-house experts work tirelessly through every phase of the production process to ensure that your video is made in a time-efficient manner without compromising quality. Get in touch with us to know more about our project lifecycle.

  • It is always best to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and determine the type and length of videos that would attract and hold your attention. While you will find plenty of claims about the ideal length, there is no “correct” length for any business video. In some cases, shorter videos work betterthan longer ones, but it depends on what you are trying to achieve from a video.

    The idea is to be as succinct and precise as possible without leaving any room for misinterpretation or confusion. We can advise you about the right length for your corporate video. Contact us today.

  • Yes, we have an in-house team of experienced writers that can help convert an idea into a full-fledged script. From conceptualization to scripting, screenwriting, and dialogue writing, our writers are extremely well-versed with various storytelling techniques and know exactly what makes a corporate video tick the right boxes.

    Contact us and let us know about the kind of corporate videos you are looking for - we will take it from there!

  • Corporate videos come in various styles and formats, including:

    • Company profile videos
    • Facility overviews
    • Brand films
    • Event videos
    • Client testimonial videos
    • Internal communication AVs
    • Depending on your objectives and target audience, you can choose the right format to deliver your message through a corporate video. In terms of distribution, the most popular channels include the company website, social media profiles, online advertising, YouTube, and email marketing.

      You can also use your corporate videos by showcasing them across business events, trade shows, conferences, seminars, and expos. For internal communication, these videos can be delivered via the company intranet or during employee induction.

  • The performance of business videos is generally assessed based on parameters like:

    • Views and viewership analytics
    • Clickthrough rate
    • Social shares
    • Enquiries or leads
    • Conversion rate
    • Feedback and reviews

    Apart from these metrics, the most effective and obvious way to determine the performance of your corporate video is to measure it against the objectives you had set before making it. Toolbox Studio begins with your goals and plans toward creating the kind of videos that can help you meet them.

  • Yes, Toolbox Studio has partnered with translation and localization service providers and agencies that enable us to create corporate videos in a variety of languages.

    Our collaboration with such partners means we can deliver high-quality corporate videos for a wide range of clients based in different geographies. Contact us to know more.

  • The final video is delivered to you in high-definition (HD) format. We keep in mind the various avenues across which you might want to use the video and deliver your files in compatible formats . In case you need your corporate video to be delivered in a specific format, please let us know and we will send it to you in the format of your choice.

  • You own complete rights to the final corporate video and all related assets for life. We deliver everything to you according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the vendor-client agreement.

    If we want to use your corporate video to showcase the work we do, we will make sure this is done only after obtaining your permission in writing.

  • That would depend on where your office is located. We generally meet and interact with all our clients before signing a contract and would absolutely love to meet you, too. However, if commuting isn’t possible, our video production team will stay connected with you virtually throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Toolbox Studio works with some of the latest and best video production tools and equipment. Our facility is equipped with industry-standard gear, high-end workstations, recording studios, and professional film making and editing software. As for shooting, we utilize cutting-edge tools and shooting equipment to ensure that the output is topnotch.

    We have also adopted an Agile Blended Production model, which lets us deliver on client requirements in unprecedented times using a combination of Work From Home and Work From Office processes.

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