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Product Explainer Videos Production

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Technology has grown by leaps and bounds during last few decades. It took a long time for the TV to become a standard in all homes and out the papers from its stand as the one way to reach the masses in large. But ones internet hit the market, its growth to where it is today has been phenomenal. Websites became a standard which was quickly followed by many other standards that brings us to where we stand today. Technology has allowed us to find a unique solution for any imaginable challenge. With that perk, we have seen so many solutions crop up today that we never thought were possible a decade back. And that brings us to our question of why product explainer videos.


Why product explainer videos? Product Explainer Videos

When the challenges are so diverse, the solutions are bound to be just as diverse. Each solution can very much have a unique approach to it. With so many possible ways to do something, how does one go about it? Why should they use your solution? When a product is unique, then informing people about it and then selling it is the challenge. Product explainer videos are the answer to this. The best way to convince someone to pick one product over another is to convince them that it works the best. And by best, we mean efficient, quick, effective, and easiest to use. Why talk about it when you can show them instead?

With a product explainer video you can walk a prospective customer through the way your product functions in the fastest and yet effective manner. You can show them how it works, what they can do with it, and how it benefits them, all at the same time!


Who can benefit from a product explainer video?

The honest answer to this is, anyone.

If you are a company that is building a product no matter in what industry, a product explainer video is the most efficient way to go showing everyone about it. The breakdown of what it is, why it was made, how it was made, how it can help, and what makes it out becomes easy to do. Plus you can throw in the entertainment factor that ensures engagement. There is no limit to what you can do with this video. Add it to you website and it almost doubles conversions. Use in your digital marketing activity and it kicks up leads in no time. Use in your sales pitch when you meet people, and half your work is already done. Optimize it right, and your SEO activities benefit a great deal from it. Ranking can see a very literal growth spurt. A video is great not just for immediate conversion also for long term lead generation.


How can we help you make the best product explainer video?

All this can be done only with great a video!

Today, there are tons of of good product explainer videos out there. You are out competing with every single one of them for attention. Standing out is possible only with a great video. A great video is made not from high quality cameras and skilled cameramen or animators. A great video is made from understanding the product and being able to relate the best way to show case the product. The script and method of presentation are key. Just because animation worked for someone, doesn’t mean it will work for you too! If you are looking for someone with that understanding, then you are at the place! We at Toolbox Studio take great pride over team of skilled and business intelligent people who know how to get things done.

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