3D Animation

Animation has played a key role in the gigantic leaps that the field of video production has seen. 3D animation involves creating virtual three dimensional models that can be used to create background structures and also characters that are a lot more realistic to look at. You can create anything from the shot of a street for the background to a character like Nemo or one of the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park. This form of animation demands a great deal of attention to detail on the movements and actions that are being replicated to the expressions of a character. Creating one second of such a reel requires making of 24 or more such frames with great intricacy.


Toolbox Studio for the last 9 years has been contributing to increase the quality of work that has be produced in the industry so far. Combining 3D Studio Max, Maya, with a powerful editing suite enable us with creative freedom to animate out our customers’ requirements. From the making of movies to videos for education and production, animation has infiltrated industries that could not have been foreseen. 3D animation is right not only for entertainment needs, but also ideal for technical illustration, education, and promotion. No matter what you are trying to communicate to your target audience, animation can convey. Being slightly more abstract, it can be turned into a much more engaging tool for your audience. It is because of this that we are today among the top animation studios in Pune, India.

3D Animation
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