Motion Graphics

In the digital age where content is just a click away, presentation is everything. Content in the form of videos is the trend ruling the age. Motion graphics helps make this form of content more engaging. It is a combination of text, speech, video, data, special effects and sometimes also 3D animation. Motion graphics are a little like infographics but they use a video reel or animation. They however tend to transform on their own unlike the interactive data in an infographic. It can however only be presented through electronic media.

Motion graphics is all about creating an illusion of motion. Every aspect of a video can be further enhanced and this is where we use motion graphics. Creating accurate and targeted communication through fresh versatile approach combined with extraordinary creative and technical facility. The post production facility at Toolbox Studios combines one of the most talented teams in visual effects industry with our design and motion graphics department, focusing on all aspects of design and branding. And this can be applied to all forms of production ranging from films to animation. Our clients hire us as their preferred choice of an animation studio simply because we can communicate the desired massage to their audience using extraordinary and breath-taking visual effects combined with motion graphics.

Aishwarya Rai
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