If you want a commercial that truly presents the unique nature of your brand, then why not use visual effects in combination with your unique message?

Visual effects is never a separate entity. Visual effects studios are involved in the pre-production and the filming of a movie too though the biggest chunk of their work happens during postproduction. Many a times, VFX work has taken a simple idea and transformed into a stunning image. But why should it only be applicable to films and the film making process? Making a commercial is very different but the basic structural outline is the same, so why not incorporate VFX work here too? Achieving this is one of our capabilities.

Our process

What makes us stand out from the rest? The integration of visual effects services from the word go. We ensure that your project has one VFX supervisor present at all times to ensure that the work on every stage is optimized to the integration of VFX during post-production.

  • Pre-production: Our VFX supervisor spends time with the director to ensure that all the script is created in a manner that allows for the quick and effective integration of VFX
  • Production or filming: The VFX supervisor is also present on set to ensure that the set development and shooting is done to make the integration of VFX smooth
  • Post-production: This when we get our artists on full gear to deliver results far better than was asked for

Our advantage

  • VFX supervisors with experience on working on many different projects
  • Timelines that suit your needh
Aishwarya Rai
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