Explainer Video Production

Digital explainer videos are a straightforward, direct, and cost-effective means of communicating important brand messages, simplifying product usage methodologies for consumers, and marketing your business.


When you invest in marketing, you want to see ROI. And explainer videos don’t just get you great returns in terms of leads, conversions, and revenues, but also brand awareness and recall.

With an experienced and creative team that is well-versed in the development and execution of explainer video production projects, we have assisted clients from a wide variety of industries and verticals through our explainer video production services. The list of clients who have benefited from our explainer video services includes the likes of H&R Block, Estatemint, Vintels, Tata Sky, Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, Amura Tech and more – take a look at our past work.


Toolbox Studio’s explainer video production facilities are based out of a sprawling 5,000 sq ft. facility in Pune. With the latest production technologies including a dedicated Chroma section and a 24-track sound recording studio, we house a talented team of animators, artists, directors, technicians and more to ensure that we deliver quality visual content to our clients.


We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest tools in the industry to ensure premium quality and output.

After Effects | Photoshop | Illustrator | Flash

Toolbox Studio delivers 2D character animation services to advertising companies, filmmakers, and businesses that require animated marketing content.

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Toolbox Studio – a video infographic company – collaborates with communications managers, marketers, branding departments and advertisers to create superior infographic video production content that hits all the right notes and assists brands and companies in creating effective communication tools.

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Simplicity and brevity’ is the mantra of marketing managers and communication agencies the world over. Sometimes, the straightforward, minimalist approach can rise above all the loud drama and catch the eye of the audience, and this is what whiteboard animation videos are all about.

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Kinetic typography animation, or using moving text with effects for emphasis is emerging as the new go-to style of marketing when industries and agencies want to be cool, quirky, fresh or different.

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Animation is the go-to content delivery platform for brands that wish to reach out to a diverse demographic or add some levity to their communication.Isometric animation falls under this purview, but stands apart as it is a 2D animation that offers 3D sensibilities.

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Are you looking for engaging, shareworthy and ROI-generating explainer videos for your business?

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