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We have an incredible staff of 2D artists at our organization who are up for even the most difficult jobs. We are eager to produce 2D art for your company that varies in complexity.

We provide 2D game art outsourcing services for tasks of any size and produce high-caliber pieces of art that please clients worldwide.

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All of your art-related demands and related services may be found in one place at our studio. You won't need to look further to find top-notch resources in any format or design. We will demonstrate why Toolbox Studio is the finest option for outsourcing 2D art.

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Cutting-Edge Pipeline for 2D Art Design

To produce a very good design of 2D game objects, large teams of specialists are involved in the 2D game art design process. To ensure smooth project execution and adhere to deadlines, our managers oversee the flow of art production from the conceptual phases to the final releases.

Partner with Toolbox for Stunning 2D Art Services

Each of our artists has their areas of expertise, but they are all capable of producing various works of art.

Our 2d art outsourcing services will ensure that the design process is efficient and meets all of your needs. Keeping you informed with briefs and ongoing communication is one of our main advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2D art is created on a flat surface and depicts a composition with only two dimensions—length and width. The 2D and 3D game art are very different; in a two-dimensional plane, objects can only move along the X and Y axes.

    Illustrations, comics, photographs, graphics, and drawings are just a few examples of 2D art, which varies mostly in terms of the tools used to create it.

  • Yes, 2D art is important for games as it provides a visual representation of the game world and helps to convey the game's narrative, setting, and characters. 2D art also plays a critical role in creating the game's user interface, such as the main menu, inventory, and options screen.

    Additionally, 2D art can be used for cutscenes and cinematics, further enhancing the overall gaming experience. In many cases, 2D art is also used as a conceptual design tool, providing game developers with a clear visual reference before creating the final 3D models. In conclusion, 2D art is an essential component of game development, adding a level of detail and immersion that greatly enhances the player's experience

  • Communication is essential, and this holds true for internal team communication and our clients. Naturally, we try to obtain the most thorough requirements for the task before we begin, regulating subsequent procedures through QA specialists and senior artists/managers.

    We prefer to use an iterative process while creating art, adding details to a painting one at a time and making as many adjustments as our client requests.

  • Although we frequently employ digital painting, we also use other techniques as necessary, like collage, vector painting, picture painting, and so on. Usually, before beginning a finished art creation, we do a sketch or another type of preliminary art. Our artists typically begin by drawing the shapes and lines of the objects in a piece before adding colors or shadows.

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