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Creating large-scale 3D worlds, maps, and levels cannot be easy, but Toolbox Studio is ready for challenges. Due to their extensive expertise working on both gaming and non-gaming projects, our artists are specialists in creating any digital space.

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Why Should You Hire Toolbox as Your 3D Environmental Design Agency?

  • Toolbox is a TPN-assessed studio.
  • We are equipped with intelligent, seasoned, dedicated, and professional animators on board.
  • We have the ability to scale up resources as per the the the client’s project requirements.
  • Our team functions in a 2 shift approach due to different time zones to deliver premium quality results.
  • We have a 3-level quality control department that offers the highest quality output.

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Partner with Toolbox for Your 3D Modelling Environment Needs

When you select Toolbox Studio as your 3D environment design partner, you'll have immediate access to many tools that will help your project in many ways. You receive a team of experts supporting your project, including highly skilled artists, first-rate technology and software, and many other professionals.

We are proud of our flexibility and agility, and we always allow customers to scale up or down their teams and adjust the direction of their work as needed.

  A seamless user experience and greater player engagement depend on high-quality 3D game imagery.”

Offering Superior Quality 3D Environmental Modelling

The method we use to create 3D worlds has been refined and strengthened. This work results from a pipeline designed for optimal speed, efficiency, and quality. We can satisfy any of your expectations since each 3D environment artist puts their total effort into creating material and following a strict quality control procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You may rely on us to build a basic environment-level design with just one sort of terrain, just as much as a sizable gaming area with a tonne of critters, scenery, and items, because we are highly adaptable. To put it another way, we can create several 3D models for a single environment and are frequently asked to do so.

  • Outsourcing is a smart choice if you want to make a lot of money and have talented, experienced artists working for you. Cost savings, specialist knowledge, and dependable project execution are the main benefits of outsourcing 3D environment design services.

    Your business will gain advantages from this operating model, such as competitive game goods and quick delivery times.

    The company's reputation, which you can check by reading reviews on specialized websites, is another benefit of outsourcing 3D environment design services. Toolbox Studio has a strong background in 3D art, and our team of illustrators has the skills necessary to create any natural, panoramic, architectural, or other items.

  • A 3D environment artist specializes in producing different backdrops and settings for various projects. They are also referred to as 3D environment designers or modelers. First and foremost, these professionals work in video game production. In today's million-dollar sector, thousands of specialists carry out demanding labor. For this reason, a 3D environment builder must be enthusiastic about video games and all art forms.

    To create real 3D art, 3D artists start with notions developed in the early phases. References or just their imagination and ingenuity are both acceptable options. The requirements of the gameplay that level designers have specified should be properly taken into account by 3D environment artists.

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