Concept Art Outsourcing Studio

At Toolbox Studio, we recognize the value of providing clients with original and unique art assets that meet their demands. Our game concept artists creates the most remarkable artwork and is customized to the client's expectations and their particular design and technological need.

Our talented employees provide exceptional design and production services that support some of the most well-known digital platform initiatives. In addition, we provide customized services with the most recent software and equipment. We also offer artwork for numerous PC, console, and mobile games. Also, we are expanding gaming assets' revolutions due to technological developments.

Why Should You Hire Toolbox as Your 3D Environmental Design Agency?

  • Toolbox is a TPN-assessed studio.
  • We are equipped with intelligent, seasoned, dedicated, and professional animators on board.
  • We have the ability to scale up resources as per the the the client’s project requirements.
  • Our team functions in a 2 shift approach due to different time zones to deliver premium quality results.
  • We have a 3-level quality control department that offers the highest quality output.

Our Concept Art Pipeline

Idea Development

We can produce the best artwork with a fantastic concept that advances the plot. The requirements of the plot are first conceptualized by our artist using sources of inspiration and references.

Drawing of Concept

Our concept artist provides a collection of sketches based on the idea. Any more modifications and comments can be made at this stage, but this visual representation already conveys the project's main idea.

Mood & Light

To communicate the feeling and atmosphere of the painting, the artist uses various lighting and mood settings. In addition, light and dark colors are used to give the artwork a sense of depth and emotion.

Final Work of Art

The artist refines the piece with all the necessary details that give the artwork its essence because the finished product needs to be more intricate.

Premium Quality Concept Art Services for Video Games

Our concept art outsourcing studio has a wealth of experience in offering artistic services that frequently contribute to the commercial success of the most well-known video games in the industry. We can provide the best artwork that satisfies client needs for video game concept design because of our enthusiastic video game concept artists and professional methods.

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