3D Art Outsourcing Company

We are a crew of enthusiastic 3d modeling artists constantly striving to improve our abilities. We maintain a close eye on every detail offered. Even if the game undergoes any big modifications in the future, we maintain the highest level of quality by remaining consistent with the art and design.

Why Should You Hire Toolbox as Your 3D Art Studio?

  • Toolbox is a TPN-assessed studio.
  • We have the ability to scale up resources as per the the client’s project requirements.
  • We are equipped with intelligent, seasoned, dedicated, and professional animators on board.
  • We have a 3-level quality control department that offers the highest quality output.
  • Our team functions in a 2 shift approach due to different time zones to deliver premium quality results.

How Does Our Game Art 3D Company Work?

We are a major provider of 3D assets to some of the largest game development studios worldwide. To get the intended result, there must be a scientific approach and a predetermined process, and we perfectly follow these.

At Toolbox, we conceptualize games and create the full game architecture by including good sketches and design/UI references. With the greatest attention and keeping the game's requirements front and center, our 3D team creates the many visual components of a game, such as characters, scenery, objects, vehicles, surface textures, clothes, animations, etc., to support our efforts and the client's vision.

  A seamless user experience and greater player engagement depend on high-quality 3D game imagery.”

3D Art to Mesmerize Your Audience

Our 3D game artists can greatly influence the visual style of the game. We design environments and characters that significantly impact the game's overall aesthetic.

We produce stylized and realistic 3D models of characters, props, scenery, animals, and other items as needed, covering the product lifecycle from ideation to conceptualization to PBR-ready characters to gaming surroundings.



Connect with your target audience with visually-appealing, fun and bespoke character animation videos.
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