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Toolbox Studio exclusively puts together custom game art creation services to give your projects a unique touch!

Toolbox Studio: Game Art & 3D Assets Company in India

We are a  full-fledged Animation Studio, based out in Pune, providing an array of multimedia services for  more than a decade successfully delivering 500+ projects | 150+ Live Action, 150+ 3D animation, 200+ 2D animation across various industries

With our pool of highly experienced Creative Directors & Artists, we have delivered projects with above 95% Quality for our key clients.

We are already established in the end-to-end Animation space and now we have expanded our services to  Game Art Outsourcing.”

Our Approach to 2D/3D Game Art & Assets Services

Offer Valuable Solutions

Worried about your budget? Well, we can help you find the
perfect fit for all your Game Art needs.

Clear Communication & Workflow

Be assured that all the Production Milestones are live and upto date.

Experience and Skills

We are able to assist international gaming firms with their well-known game titles because of the considerable experience of our 3D artists.

Data Confidentiality

We make sure that all data is transported safely and completely safeguarded.

  A seamless user experience and greater player engagement depend on high-quality 3D game imagery.”

What Do We Offer At Our Game Art & 3D Assets Studio?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Video game development is typically divided into 3 stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production stage involves game conceptualization, defining target audience, platform to publish, competition and monetization related things along with project management aspects like budget, timelines and resources required. Production involves creating assets such as characters, props, creatures, environments etc. The rules are set in the engine and levels and the game world is created and code is written in this stage. Post-production involves maintenance of the game, fixing bugs , creating patches and creating extra bonus and downloadable content (DLC)

  • Outsourcing the art requirements will most certainly reduce the production time by great margins at lower costs. Outsourcing gives you a freedom and flexibility to opt for service only when required, compared to a salaried in-house team.

  • Yes, we can update designs and themes as per requirements. Kindly get in touch with our expert

  • Once you get in touch with our expert, we will discuss and understand your requirements and send you a contract including all the information regarding the scope of work with terms and conditions discussed to guarantee our cooperation. Once you are assured of our commitment we can start working on the production.

  • Our Game art service line provides services like Concept Art, Illustrations, 2D environments & character art, icons, backgrounds, Interface designs in 2D Art. In 3D art we can create 3D game assets from scratch starting from concept to actual modelling texturing and animating them.

  • Our production staff is committed, and our creative supervisors have at least ten years of expertise.

    To guarantee customer satisfaction and escalation management, we have a pool of brilliant artists and a specialized Client Service department with a strong Governance model.



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