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Our 2D character design studio works closely with the majority of our clients to develop long-lasting distinctive thoughts and creative solutions. Our designers have extensive experience creating 2D characters for mobile games and animations because we are one of the top companies for 2D animation design.

We create appealing 2D game characters using the most recent technologies. Our characters will seamlessly fit into your animated or video game world. We also offer fresh concepts and ideal character combinations that captivate your intended audience.

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Why Should You Hire 2d Character Design Services From Toolbox?

  • Toolbox is a TPN-assessed studio.
  • We have the ability to scale up resources as per the the client’s project requirements.
  • Our team functions in a 2 shift approach due to different time zones to deliver premium quality results.
  • We have a 3-level quality control department that offers the highest quality output.
  • We are equipped with intelligent, seasoned, dedicated, and professional animators on board.

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Our 2D Character Design Process

Character animation

Understanding The Concept

Character animation-convey your message

Getting The Rough Idea Of The Design

Character animation-engage and entertain

Sketching & Design

Adding Character Expressions

Final 2D Character Design

  A seamless user experience and greater player engagement depend on high-quality 3D game imagery.”

Creating 2D Characters People Love to Engage With

Solutions for Custom 2D Designs

At Toolbox Studio, we compose and develop organic characters, creatures, and objects seamlessly fit into any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Toolbox Studio is located in Pune, India.

  • We know what is best for you and what the audience wants. Thanks to our experience and knowledge in this field. To help our clients better understand what is going on during the process, we frequently share our development process-including even the most minor details-with them.

    To ensure that the process is disciplined and that you receive a timely delivery and a high-quality final product, all of our projects first go through our project manager. We approach each project individually, enabling us to provide our clients with exceptional and appealing work.

  • With our service for 2D Character Development, we provide many benefits. These benefits enable us to outperform the competition and provide better service to our clients. The following are some benefits of Toolbox 2D character art design.

    Our 2D animation creation process includes some quality-critical steps that assist us in making sure the final animation you receive is fluid and ensures good performance.

    Toolbox Studio offers affordable and top-notch services. We offer the most competitive prices for professional 2D character development services.

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Toolbox Studio is a popular VFX company offering outsourcing services for projects in We’ve worked closely with clients, ensuring to fulfil their demands with the highest quality precision.

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