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Use top-notch environment design materials to bring vibrant cityscapes, open landscapes, and breathtaking backgrounds to your game. Thanks to Toolbox Studio's Game Environment Design Service, your game will become a realistic and appealing universe.

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Why Should You Hire Toolbox as Your Environmental Design Art Agency?

  • Toolbox is a TPN-assessed studio
  • We are equipped with intelligent, seasoned, dedicated, and professional animators on board.
  • We have the ability to scale up resources as per the the the client’s project requirements.
  • Our team functions in a 2 shift approach due to different time zones to deliver premium quality results.
  • We have a 3-level quality control department that offers the highest quality output.

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Our Game Design Environment Pipeline

To give our customers the most incredible atmosphere possible, one that will immerse people in a fascinating and distinctive universe. We adhere to a unique process for creating video game environments

Character animation-Break through the cutter


The designers will start working on numerous sketches of the environment that will highlight environment elements and accurately convey the story after designing various concepts and choosing the best one.

Convey your message

Concept Development

In the beginning, the big picture is essential. Our designers will comprehend your idea and vision at this stage and turn it into a concept. Even if the design lacks minor details, it will successfully convey the main idea.

Engage and entertain

Color Composition

The designers will create numerous lightning sketches that will design and express the desired ambiance of the game after choosing the most appropriate sketch and elements to set the game's feeling. The mood will be created using a variety of colors.

ensure brand recall

Final Rendering

To produce a realistic gaming environment, all the features are emphasized at this point, and any drawing traces are eliminated. Every aspect is carefully scrutinized, including shape, color, light, shadow, and atmosphere.

Premium Quality Concept Art Services for Video Games

Our concept art outsourcing studio has a wealth of experience in offering artistic services that frequently contribute to the commercial success of the most well-known video games in the industry. We can provide the best artwork that satisfies client needs for video game concept design because of our enthusiastic video game concept artists and professional methods.

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FAQs on Environmental Game Design Services

  • Environmental game design is the process of creating and designing virtual worlds, environments, and levels within a video game. This includes creating the layout, architecture, terrain, and overall aesthetic of the game world. Environmental game designers work closely with other game development teams such as artists, programmers, and level designers to create a cohesive and immersive gaming experience.

  • The key elements of environmental game design include level layout, terrain, architecture, lighting, and environmental storytelling. The level layout is the overall structure and organization of the game environment. Terrain refers to the physical features of the environment such as mountains, valleys, and water bodies. The architecture includes buildings, structures, and other man-made elements within the game environment. Lighting is used to create mood and atmosphere, and environmental storytelling is used to convey a narrative through the game environment.

  • Environmental game design plays a crucial role in creating a player's immersive experience. A well-designed game environment can help players feel like they are truly in the game world, and can also affect the player's emotions and behavior. For example, a dark and gloomy environment can create a sense of fear and tension, while a bright and cheerful environment can create a sense of joy and excitement.

  • When choosing an environmental game design company, it's important to consider the company's portfolio of work and the quality of the environments they've created in the past. It's also important to consider the company's experience in the industry and its ability to work well with other game development teams. Additionally, it's important to look at the company's tool and software capabilities, and its ability to create environments with high-quality performance and visuals.

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