Toolbox is a ISO certified and TPN accredited VFX studio. We have been rendering our services across 4 continents for over a decade to 30+ VFX customers. We are collaborating with 10+ strategic customers with engagements spanning more than 3 years. Toolbox is an industry leading VFX outsourcing company in India. We know the importance of quality and offer only the best. We take pride in providing our customers with top quality and timely service with assurance of

  • Total data security (ISO 27001:2013 certified)
  • TPN (Trusted Partner Network) accreditation
  • Competitive custom pricing
  • Dedicated team of expert VFX professionals
  • Rapid and on-time deliveries
  • Highest quality of visual outputs
  • Dedicated client servicing team
  • Global customer base

Toolbox Studio has worked on over 2 million VFX frames over the past decade with a proven track record of greater than 95% quality output. Toolbox Studio has delivered elaborate visual effects solutions for Hollywood feature films, television and web series productions. Some of our recent VFX projects include audience favourites like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Salvation, Breaking Bad and Raised by wolves to name a few. Are you searching for a vfx outsourcing company? We could collaborate and help you with high-quality work.

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FAQs On Outsourcing VFX to India

  • As a VFX outsourcing company in India, Toolbox aims to provide top-notch services to all its clients. We will help your brand shine brightly, ensuring no information is unattended. We value your work just as much as we value our clients.

  • There are a lot of perks of outsourcing VFX work to Toolbox.

    • Excellent Output Quality : One of the top benefits of visual effects outsourcing is the output quality. We have some of the best technologies that help us maintain the standards to produce top-notch content.
    • Timely Project Delivery : Our workforce is committed to delivering all the projects on time. We value your time and do not compromise on the quality we provide. As a leading VFX outsourcing company in India, we are flexible and work on tight deadlines. Being in the industry for years, we understand that everything isn't perfect in a go. Therefore, we also take feedback and work on changes per the client's requirements.
    • Customer Support : Our team has skills, knowledge, and professionalism. If you need technical support, our team will readily be available to cater to all your needs. It is yet another benefit of collaborating with VFX outsourcing companies.
    • Matchmove consists of objects, cameras, and bodies. It helps artists by incorporating characters from both real-world and virtual scenes into a single perspective.
    • Rotoscoping comprises hard & motion blur mattes. Software like Nuke and Silhouette are used to provide top-notch results.
    • Paint includes enhancing, purging, removing, and repurposing objects.
    • Compositing combines all the 2D and 3D VFX elements together

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