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Housal is an online real estate technology solution company based in the Philippines, bringing various stakeholders like developers, agencies, independent agents, tenants and buyers all on the same platform. The Housal solution is unique because it arms all the professionals in real estate with tools and features that they never had access to before, thus driving their sales and marketing efforts stronger. Ultimately, their purpose was to address the lacuna and challenges in the market and spearhead a radical change in the real estate industry.

The client wanted to produce several short and long animated videos for the purpose of marketing the Housal mobile app, which was to be launched in April 2018. The promotional campaign was designed to make sure these videos hit the niche market before the app launch. Housal reached out to Toolbox Studio with the intention of creating these videos, designed to cater to various real estate professionals.

Case Study Housal Explainer Video Production Toolbox


Case study for Housal Explainer Video work

No of videos – Housal needed 15 Teasers, 1 trailer video and 1 app explainer video for the launch which totalled to around 12 minutes of video all with a short timeframe of around 45 days to deliver the videos from scratch.

Character animation – For the stakeholders to relate to the animated videos, their characters needed to be shown using the app. Apart from that, the emulation of the app in animation showing the unique standalone features was necessary for best impact.

Understanding how Housal works – To create these animation videos showcasing the technology deployed in detail, we had to be sure we comprehend the workflow of the Housal app.


The project kickoff was with data collection and knowing all the features that were to be marketed in the app. Toolbox created scripts and storyboards for several app features, with continuous feedback and support from the client.

The next step was the visualisation and the Toolbox team got to work and started production on this very exciting project. With a combination of 2D character animation, motion graphics animation, superior sound and video editing, Toolbox produced the teasers, trailer and the explainer video in time and submitted them for the launch. Solid client support helped in the making this a very successful project for the studio.

Housal explainer video work by Toolbox


2D character animation – As a critical component for the Housal videos, whether it were Agents using the app to solve their sales challenges, Agency heads with their leads management or Developers discovering impeccable Inventory Management at their fingertips, the creative animators at Toolbox brought them to life in detail. Several character designs were animated with the help of Adobe Flash throughout the videos, differentiating the quality of the videos from others available online.

Motion Graphics – For the stakeholders to understand the app better, many aspects of the app were to be showcased via an emulated interface. No problems there, as the talented artists at Toolbox recreated the app interface with the help of Adobe Photoshop and features were animated in glorious motion graphics with Adobe After Effects. The final output was edited with Final Cut Pro for an engaging viewing experience which clearly drove the message home.


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Housal Explainer Video Case Study Toolbox
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Housal video production services Toolbox Studio
Housal explainer video case study by Toolbox


Armed with over 12 minutes of superior quality audio visuals, the Housal marketing campaign and app launch went skyhigh! The launch videos created by Toolbox created a viral frenzy with some of the videos having a 100,000 views in just a few days, grabbing the attention of their niche audience around the world.

Toolbox Studio is proud to partner with Housal for the creation of the launch videos and will continue to be associated with them for their future requirements.

Housal Explainer Video Production Work
Case Study Housal Explainer Video Toolbox
Housal Explainer Video from top video production Studio - Toolbox