JAPFA Corporate Video


JAPFA, the global leader in producing animal protein products ranging from dairy to meat, manages an integrated network of modern farming, processing and distribution facilities in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India and Myanmar. Head quartered in Singapore, the company specializes in producing quality dairy, protein staples and packaged food that nourishes millions of people across the world.

The client was keen to produce a Corporate video for its Indian partners, showcasing key processes and techniques which they apply to the Indian market, synonymous with their guiding philosophy : “We Make Good, Always”.

JAPFA reached out to Toolbox Studio with the intention of creating this video to be showcased in an international expo in India.


Understanding JAPFA’s supply chain –
To capture JAPFA’s vision and various processes they apply, the Toolbox team needed to visit their facilities in India and understand how their value chain works to give the best products in the market.

Shooting inside JAPFA’s facilities –
JAPFA employs state of the art machinery and processes for production with the support of the most stringent bio security measures in all their facilities like feedmills, parent farms and hatcheries. The scope of work was to cover the functionality and advantages of this machinery in action. The team had to be sure that they followed the biosecurity protocols set by JAPFA and not disturb the normal day to day functioning of the facilities while capturing the high-tech processes inside .

Motion graphics and animation –
2D animation and motion graphics would be needed to showcase JAPFA’s global presence and supply chain for best impact. Also in some sequences, compositing would be needed for adding a dramatic treatment to the video.

A looming deadline –
All of this would need the team to work in full speed, as there were a handful of days for production, including script and creative development, location scouting, shooting, animation and post production, so as to deliver the video in time for the expo.


Pre-Production :

The project kicked off with face to face client meetings to understand their vision and motive for the video. With careful understanding of the client’s needs and requisite data collection, the Toolbox team crafted the script and storyboards for the animation sequences during pre-production. The blueprint of the video came together with solid support from the client’s end.

Shooting :

The location scouting of JAPFA’s facilities was necessary to plan the visual treatment of the video. The Toolbox video production team was keen to see how JAPFA’s state of the art facilities function and deliver. We witnessed how the feedmill helps to make the 3-step quality check process for the raw material to be one of the most advanced in the world, the parent farms hosting ‘free birds’ to give maximum output and the hatcheries using the most sophisticated machinery and processes, so that only the best quality DOCs are furthered to the farmer partners. Shooting these processes was the key factor in the making of the video. With a tight shooting schedule of 3 days, we captured the various facilities in Bhor, Nagar Road and Pune corporate office using Sony A7S2 cameras with CP lenses. Its noteworthy to mention here that Drone shooting was a crucial part of the shoot, as we produced some breathtaking footage of the facilities from upto 500 meters above the ground.

Motion graphics and animation :

Back home the Animation team in the studio was busy in creating some great motion graphics with the help of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. Keeping in mind JAPFA’s branding and design family, the experienced animation team created dazzling motion graphic sequences and compositing for some dynamic live action sequences, thus defining the awesome look and feel for the video.

Editing and Post-production :

Armed with upto 4 TBs of shoot data, a powerful voiceover and motion graphics, the Editing team was put to work with the script, being the backbone to the video. All the assets produced were amalgamated in Final Cut Pro, and the editing process took a couple of weeks. In certain sequences, like explaining the 3-Step quality control and world-class biosecurity measures, we used dynamic split screens to show the process flow, which gave the video it’s signature moments. After some minor tweaks and some valuable suggestions for the client’s end, the video was finally ready to be showcased at the expo.


The JAPFA Corporate video was launched by the client at the Poultry exhibition in Hyderabad, to a positive response from the audience.

The client also appreciated Toolbox for telling the JAPFA story with such unique audio visual style and treatment, and in the limited timeframe available. You can watch the full video here :