Jewelry features prominently in Indian culture. Associated with tradition, heritage and prosperity, jewelry is something most if not all households in India have. According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, jewelry accounts for 6-7% of India’s GDP, and over 500,000 jewelry-based businesses plying their trade here.

It is not an industry, however, that is known to leverage the digital space to any great degree, or had not been one until Jewelfie came along. Developed by Prorigo, the Jewelfie Customer Engagement and Relationship Management (CERM) platform has brought the process of jewelry retail into the 21st century. Through the harnessing of augmented reality and visualization tools, the software allows prospective buyers to “Try-On” jewelry virtually, from personal computers, mobile phones and kiosks. This allows those shopping for jewelry online to gauge how the products will look on them without having to physically travel to the store and try each item on.

Image of human animation app video


Image of animation video for jewelfie app

Since the concept is a novel one, Jewelfie needed a digital video production to convey the process of using Jewelfie in a simple, straightforward and relatable manner to its consumers. They called on us here at Toolbox Studio to help make this happen. The idea was to engage our digital video production services in the creation of a short audio-visual that would convey all the benefits of Jewelfie, and walk the viewers through the actual act of using the software.


Toolbox Studio is a digital video production company that provides a variety of AV solutions for clients, and the in-house team suggested an approach that would draw viewers in and arrest their attention throughout the step-by-step process of using Jewelfie. The solution was an animated explainer video with arresting visuals, clear directions and graphics and animations to guide viewers through ‘the Jewelfie experience’.

The Process

The only way to approach a project such as this is through understanding, communication and cooperation between the client and us. This ensures that the client is completely in the loop from the ground up, and is involved in the creation of the content from its inception all the way, until it takes its final form. Here is the process in a little more detail

Step one – Script:

The script is a written representation of what the final video would look like. It lays down the groundwork and provides the structure for the whole procedure. The script was aligned to the needs of Jewelfie, what they hoped to achieve from this content, and factors such as intended viewer demographics, medium of publishing the content, and more were taken into consideration.

Step two – Storyboard:

Based on the script, a panel-by-panel storyboard was created to help Jewelfie understand how the visuals would play out in the final production. Digital renderings of the frames were prepared, and accompanied by a first draft of the voice over that would accompany each frame, along with a brief text describing the action in each frame. This was the client’s first real look at the visuals, and they had the opportunity to suggest any tweaks or changes in this initial stage itself.

Step three – Voice-over:

Once the content for the voice-over was finalized, Jewelfie were given the opportunity to sample a variety of different vocals with choices of accents, speech styles, quality of voices, and other auditory choices so they could pick what they felt was the best fit as the voice for their product. Once the choice was finalized, the voice-over artist hit the recording booth and what you hear now is the finished product.

Step four – Outline:

The character that finally made it to the video first came to animated life during this step. A rough clip was provided to the client to allow them to see how the AV would look like. This included all the text, graphics and effects that would tie the whole video together. The feedback received here would be interwoven into the final iteration of the video, so this step was extremely crucial.

Step five – Background Score:

Music accentuates the visuals and provides flow, support and a more wholesome feel to the production. So selecting background music was the next step after the outline animation was given the green light by Jewelfie. The client was given various options to choose from, in terms of the background music, and the one that seemed to fit in with the visual most was finalized upon.

Step six – Final video:

An amalgamation of the previous steps, the final video was the fruit of all the labor put into this production. As soon as the video begins, it immediately alludes to the world of the jewelry and foreshadows what services the product provides. Next, Jewelfie is introduced as a brand, with a prominent frame establishing the logo. A pleasant sounding and simple explanation both establishes the service provided, and explains how Jewelfie works to the viewers. The visuals and accompanying animation and voice-over provide a comprehensive insight into what Jewelfie can do, and ends with a message that reinforces the brand.

Image of animation video for jewelfie app


Our team employed extensive pre-production art, and a combination of 2D animation and motion graphics with After Effects to create the smooth simulation of the Jewelfie app. An appropriate International Voiceover brought life to the video.


Image of animation video for jewelfie app
Jewelfie-2 - A still from a Jewelfie video created by Toolbox Studio.


The end result was an animated video that was visually appealing, grabbed the viewers’ attention, and provided a complete insight into the brand and what it brought to the table. Jewelfie is a groundbreaking company in terms of the products and services it offers, so it was essential to get the message out to Indian audiences in a way that they could relate to and understand. The video Toolbox Studio produced for Jewelfie did just that.

Jewelfie Video - A video showcasing the Jewelfie service by Toolbox Studio.