For close to four decades, The Tata Power Company Limited through its Strategic Engineering Division (Tata Power SED) has been a leading private-sector player in the indigenous Design, Development, Production, Integration, Supply and Life-cycle Support of mission critical Defence Systems of Strategic importance.

The client wanted to produce a 6 minute Stereoscopic 3D animated simulation around their concept vehicle, the TATA FICV tank, for showcasing at one of the leading expos in the country. The client approached Toolbox Studio with the intention of a turnaround delivery of the entire project.

Image of Animation video


Tata FICV image - Featuring the armored vehicle.

The client wanted to produce this video at the earliest, so Toolbox had close to only 30 days to deliver the complete animation video.The video also was to feature a water simulation sequence. The TATA FICV is a multi-terrain compatible vehicle and it can enter a water body and come out from the other side unharmed.

The client desired to showcase this feature prominently in the video.The video was to be in Stereoscopic 3D which meant that effective 3D depth was to be created. Overall, very less turnaround time, realistic animation of the working of the tank were formidable challenges posed in front of the team.


The team at Toolbox huddled to make a project plan. Resource management was on top of the priority list as the clock was already ticking.

For the realistic simulation of the tank the team understood the entire working of the tank and its functionalities. We spent hours painstakingly understanding the working of the vehicle, with technical support from the client. Toolbox crafted the final model based on the one shared by the client and got to work to what would be one of the finest works that the studio had produced.

With the permutation of Maya and Nuke, the team created an animatic sequence to share with the client. After careful review and approval from them, Toolbox team proceed to produce the animation.

For Stereoscopic 3D, the team had to test the animation at various milestones for quality check purpose. The text animation was also stereoscopic and a combination of Maya and After Effects was deployed to achieve the dynamic effect in the final video.

Tata FICV image - Featuring the armored vehicle.


Maya was employed for 3D modelling, animation and rendering. Nuke and After Effects were used in compositing and special effects while the final output was edited and delivered via Final Cut Pro.


Image of Animation video for Atlas Copco
Tata FICV image - Featuring the armored vehicle.
Image of Animation video
Image of animation process video


The result of all the hard work for a month was a superior 3D animated video which delighted the customer. The video garnered universal appeal with the realism in which the functioning of the tank was showcased. The working of the tank, its weapon systems, the interior look and feel, the sequence with the tank travelling through water were appreciated by the client, who presented to the expo event with much zeal.

The Toolbox team is proud to have associated themselves with TATA Power SED for this successful project

Tata FICV image - Featuring the armored vehicle.
Image of animation video
Image of animation video