The Visual Effects in Mad Max that Made it Possible

May 26, 2015 | Film VFX |

visual effects in mad max

The trailer to Mad Max led us all to believe that it was going to be one hell of a movie. Expectations were set high. People were looking for some insane action most of which was supported by the use of unbelievable visual effects. Is that what they got? Hell yeah! The visual effect of the movie is mind-boggling and relies heavily on a full spread desert shot and real vehicles. It was said that the visual effects used in the movie will be the best ever this year. So far, yes it is!

For those of you who need a little context to the movie, the fourth instalment of Mad Max: Fury Road takes us back to the dystopian revenge plot of Max Rockatansky, an ex-cop who takes it upon himself to take care of the wrong doings in the lawless highway of Australia Outback, where humanity is totally broken. The movie showcased some amazing vehicular stunts, appalling characters, use of dark themes and top class weapons.

Here is a brief into the visual effects in Mad Max that you need to keep an eye out for.

Divergent Visual Effects

Visual effects in mad max

The use of open, flat wasteland settings and super-charged, over-the-top vehicles is a captivating sight. All the post-apocalyptic cars, trucks and motorcycles are complex machines conjoined together and remodelled into fine work of art.

Some of the outstanding visual effects in Mad Max worth lauding upon are the desert setting, where the empty stillness works like a sharp contrast to the complexity of the explosions, jumps and crashes. Fans are in for a treat as their attention is focused more on the action and characters. The stark emptiness of the background through short focal lengths is commendable.

Use of Colour Coding


Another spectacular highlight of the movie is the use of colour grading. Unlike earlier movies, the use of filtering and bluish tones is used less here. The images presented are clear and crisp with blue skies, brown earth tones and skin complexions projected realistically. They have given more emphasis on keeping a more realistic look to the action shots. The magical effect of presenting turmoil against the cloudless cobalt blue skies create a divergent mixture designed from equal shares of beauty and horror.

One commendable cinematic achievement of the movie is the projection of explosions and fire used.

Use of Practical Effects

visual effects in mad max

Miller says:  “Your brain knows. We are very, very skilled at watching, no matter how good [VFX] is. And this is a film that does not defy the laws of gravity – there are no flying humans or spacecraft – so it really had to be old school…It was real vehicles, real people and real desert.” The production made use of over 150 vehicles and nearly half of it were completely smashed and destroyed.

Practical effects were used to shoot a great deal of the action sequences that you see in the movie. What most are accustomed to assuming is CGI, are in for a surprise in this movie. Where you think is CGI, is most likely a stunt performer actually pulling off those crazy action sequences. For instance, that scene when you see Tom Hardy hanging in between two vehicles and Charlize Theron hanging on to him, that was Tom Hardy hanging in between two vehicles and Charlize Theron hanging on to him!

Be sure to catch the flick if you have not. This is not a movie to miss out on!

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