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Toolbox is the best company to engage with when looking for VFX businesses to outsource your Ontario projects to. All of the VFX specialties are well-versed in by our creative VFX artists, who also possess the compositing prowess required to create one-of-a-kind effects.

In order to meet the demands of your project, we can create excellent and distinctive 2D and 3D visual effects.

Toolbox expertly combines a variety of visual effects sequences to produce spectacular visual experiences.

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Delivering Finest VFX Services in Ontario

Enhance Your Projects With VFX Outsourcing For Your Ontario Business

With the aid of our incredible team of experts, we offer VFX outsourcing services for your projects in Ontario. We deliver outstanding outcomes for television commercials, web series, and feature films by utilising the most modern technologies.

Our VFX company devotes a lot of time and energy to creating good, seamless pipelines for our projects in order to provide visually spectacular effects that captivate and engage viewers.

Through the fusion of cutting-edge technology with countless innovative ideas, customers are introduced to the traditional narrative style.

Our VFX experts are motivated and committed to working with you to have an emotional experience in all of your endeavours in order to help you broaden your horizons.

What Our VFX Outsourcing Studio Can Offer To Your Ontario Business

To create the most appealing VFX scenarios, our VFX studio uses the idea of art and vision into our VFX production.


One of the best ways to produce spectacular visual effects is by rotoscoping. Frame by frame, our expert artists draught designs while making any necessary modifications to satisfy the client's needs. Complex tracing, lifelike movement imitation, and clean extraction are skills of experts. If you want to outsource your Ontario projects, we can provide you with top-notch services. Hair strands are modelled using slender splines, Nuke forms, motion blur matte, hard matte, and open poly.


We are capable paint professionals who can handle challenging shots. Our painting and cleanup work is of the highest calibre. The experts consistently deliver the necessary results in order to guarantee your complete contentment. In order to remove wires or rigs, dust or faults, and polish reflections, we have the necessary tools. Additionally, we provide rendered clean plates and Nuke scripts.


As a provider of visual effects outsourcing services for businesses in Ontario, we are famous for our top-notch VFX services. Matchmoving serves as the basis for all visual effects. The Toolbox can deliver and solve even the most difficult problems. With advanced Maya, FBX capabilities, and proxy geometry, we deliver amazing outcomes. Our experts develop detailed set models that are thorough. In order to seamlessly incorporate visual effects into the footage, we create a virtual 3D environment that is identical to the one used while filming.


Composting is the last stage of the VFX pipeline.Whether in a video game or a movie, it combines all the layers from earlier made pictures and makes them appear naturally in the same viewing space. Our team provides combined passes of 2D and 3D compositing photos as well as green screen removal. Toolbox Studio is among the top providers of VFX outsourcing services in Ontario as a result of our persistent efforts and dedication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Toolbox Studio is situated in Pune, India.

  • Being a TPN-certified studio, we have many international clients trusting us for over a decade. Our team works efficiently and delivers content over encrypted Aspera or links for end-to-end security.

  • Our team works from Monday to Friday, readily available to offer professional and timely services to the clients. The supes and producers maintain the communication across Europe, America, Australia, Ontario, and many more locations.

    • Toolbox an ISO certified studio
    • Our 3-level QC department ensures optimum quality of all the outputs delivered
    • We have skilled, competent and experienced VFX artists on board
    • Based on the client’s project requirements, we have the capability to scale up the resources
    • We work in a 2 shift model to offer quality output to clients due to different time zones
  • At Toolbox, we have more than 130 experts and we are still expanding. Our senior artists have contributed a lot to our journey. They have put in more than 5 years of hardwork and dedication towards our company’s growth and prosperity.

  • If you are looking to outsource VFX projects for your business in Ontario, Toolbox can be a great option. Our services include the following :

    • Rotoscoping offers hard & motion blur mattes. We use software like Nuke and Silhouette to offer ultimate results.
    • Paint includes enhancing, purging, removing, and repurposing objects.
    • Matchmove consists of objects, cameras, and bodies. Incorporating characters from both real-world and virtual scenes into a single perspective to help artists.
    • Compositing combines all the 2D and 3D VFX elements together
  • Oncewe receive the scope of work with the reference and footage, we provide an estimate of the quote based on the client’s timeline, project complexity and days needed to deliver the outputs.

  • To speed up the process, we give clients an approximate estimate, but the final quote will be given only after the final references and footages are received by our team.

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