Baji marks the return of Shreyas Talpade in the Marathi film industry after 7 years. Presented by DAR motion pictures and directed by Nikhil Mahajan, the movie is set around the story of a legendry superhero vigilante who fought against the oppression of poor and is remembered till date for his bow, sword, and white stallion. Playing the lead opposite Shreyas Talpade is Amruta Kanvilkar and the antagonist is brought to life by Jitendra Joshi.

Baji Thumbnail 01 - A still from the movie Baji created by Toolbox Studio.


Baji movie poster - A Marathi movie with motion graphics.

Baji is the first movie in the history of Marathi of the movie industry to have used the support of a visual effects studio in India to create more than 250 shots in the movie including the title sequence that was built solely by the use of motion graphics. The scope of work for visual effects that included masking of the wire work in the action sequences, creation of CG environments and matte painting insertions was so vast, that it demanded our focus from the very beginning with a supervisor constantly present at the shooting site.


This Case Study contains an entire series of before and after images that will take you through some of the significant contribution that we have made for this Marathi movie Baji that we are proud off!

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For bringing the adventurous theme on the big screen, around 250 shots needed to undergo VFX. The team employed Paint services for wire removal shots, extensive matte paintings and green screen extractions for CG environments and several effects for the action sequences.



Certain portions of the movie, needed the generation of complete CG environments. Every shot involving the cave, was shot over a green screen and the cave along with the treasure was later added to it as a CG generated environment.

Another scene that required the support of CG environments is the train yard scene, where the entire train itself is nothing but a CG environment!


Last but not the least, something we are rather proud of! The scene over the digging for treasure! They didn’t actually dig a hole that big, the digging site was later added to scene as a matte painting.

Baji Thumbnail 04 - A still from the movie Baji created by Toolbox Studio.
Baji Thumbnail 05 - A still from the movie Baji created by Toolbox Studio.
Baji Thumbnail 06 - A still from the movie Baji created by Toolbox Studio.


Our combined experience and expertise in animation, VFX, and video production enabled us to consult on every aspect of the pre, during and post production of the movie. We were able to interpret the director’s vision on the screen to the fullest. We know the ins and outs of camera and lens selection, how lighting affects storytelling, what mise-en-scène is. Hence, we were able to minimise the filmmaker’s issues about handling such an ambitious project, and helped create a compelling movie with exciting visuals that too at lower expenses than expected.

Watch the Baaji showreel here :

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